Sal’s Caribbean Grill House

9750 Weston Rd, Woodbridge
About Sal’s Caribbean Grill House:

Sal’s Caribbean Grill House is at 9750 Weston Road in Vaughan, Ontario. While the Caribbean is mostly famous for white sandy beaches and cocktails, you can't forget the food, and Sal’s offers it to the Vaughan.

Sal's is located in a strip plaza, with a private parking lot in front of the place for both cars and bikes. The place has a simple eatery vibe, and not much in amenities other than a friendly smile for every customer. The place takes reservations, but does most of its work is via takeout and delivery. An order can be placed and delivered via Skip the Dishes app.

The menu is interesting, with appetisers, salads, entrees, jerk dishes, burgers, wings and even Chow Mein and fried rice. The place is opened from Monday to Saturday, from 11 AM up to 9.30 PM, serving both lunch and dinner.

From the few reviews I found online on Google Reviews, Yelp and Facebook, I bring you a list of pros and cons of Sal’s Caribbean Grill House.


  • Large portions
  • Affordable prices
  • Delivery and takeout
  • Friendly staff
  • Good jerk dishes


  • Notes about cold food

Sal’s Caribbean Grill House opened in September 2018, and in that time it has not had enough time to make a huge impact on the community. Still, the people familiar with Caribbean and West Indies cuisine find it very appealing. This place is clean, modern and has simple wooden tables and chairs, without much fuss about it. Instead, they are focused on customer satisfaction and preparing great food.

The menu is varied and offers appetisers like oven-roasted plantains, potato balls, peppered shrimp, French fries and the inevitable Canadian poutine. The salad menu is simple, with the standard coleslaw, garden, Green and Caesar salads. There are meat entrees like braised oxtail, kingfish dish, traditional stew with chicken or beef meat made with a savoury sauce, red snapper fish dish, and peppered shrimp dish.

The Caribbean islands have a traditional jerk sauce that is used to create a whole variety of dishes known as jerk dishes. Sal’s place offers jerk chicken dish, jerk chicken sandwich, jerk chicken wrap, and jerk chicken poutine. To the people that like more traditional meals, Sal’s offers Canadian burger or wings served with French fries and ranch dip or hot sauce.

The West Indies cuisine is also present on the menu at Sal’s Caribbean Grill House. There are items like West Indies shrimp prepared with traditional Caribbean spices and served with steamed rice and potatoes. There are also West Indies chicken, goat, and beef. Another famous international dish is the Chow Mein and fried rice, and these are both prepared here, with Caribbean spices, carrots, onions, and cabbage. There are chicken, beef, shrimp or vegetarian fried rice, vegetarian, chicken or beef Chow Mein, and a selection of sides.

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