Champion Doner

2810 Major MacKenzie Dr W #25, Vaughan
About Champion Doner:

There aren’t many doner places in Maple, but Champion Doner on Major MacKenzie Drive stands out from any other doner place you’ve been to in the area. It’s open every day from 11 am to 11 pm for lunch and dinner with a variety of foods, and beverages offered.  

The main elements of the menu feature various doner dishes and other foods typical for the area of Turkey, such as doner plates, doner burgers, doner sandwiches, wraps, combos, and shish sandwiches. There are some healthy choices like salads, but because they offer fasting food, you can easily find something to satisfy your taste buds like falafels or soups.

When you enter the restaurant, you will be instantly met with the smell of vibrant spices, fresh ingredients and juicy meat rolling on the traditional rotisserie that will instantly make your mouth watering. The atmosphere is as exciting as the food, with staff rushing to serve all hungry diners.

The restaurant welcomes new and regular clients every day, many of which praise the food on online review websites and promise to come back again in the future. However, many customers are bothered by the fact that there is no outdoor seating available so they can enjoy the sunny weather when possible.


  • Freshly prepared meat
  • Offers Halal food
  • Has parking
  • All payment types accepted


  • No outdoor seating
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Limited healthy food options

The mixture of tastes, spices and fresh ingredients that Champion Doner brings attracts not only people that are familiar with this food but also food enthusiasts that want to try a different cuisine not so typical of Toronto or Canada.

Their mission is to use food as a platform for bringing all different kinds of people together. Because good food and food company foster great relationships, they believe in serving the customers what they would feed their family and friends- only fresh, healthy and authentic food. Just like they do it back at home.

Champion Doner is a great place to sit down and enjoy the food, delicious desserts, a variety of beverages or the traditional coffee that’s a major hit for locals. All meat is cooked in-house on a traditional vertical rotisserie and cut by the expert doner makers just like you would see it in any traditional doner place. Because of their Turkish origin and dedication to their roots, Champion Doner offers Halal food for all of their Muslim clients, as well as those who are fasting regularly.

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