The Sidekick Comic Book Store & Café

1374 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1C9, Canada
About The Sidekick :

Located on 1374 Queen Street East, in Toronto, Ontario, people can find the Sidekick Comic Book Store and Café. This Leslieville establishment is a café with coffees, tea, and pastries, along with a large collection of paperbacks for trade and a classic comic book shop.

There is limited parking on Queen Street, but this place is easily accessible via public transport. It is wheelchair accessible and is welcoming to children. There is not much in special amenities, just an appealing and cosy atmosphere and free Wi-Fi. The menu is limited to drinks, and they do not serve alcohol but have a small selection of board games for entertainment.

Working hours are from 7 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 7 PM on Saturday and 8 AM to 5 PM on Sunday. This place has gotten reviews online on Google Reviews, Facebook and Foursquare, and from these, I bring the following list of pros and cons.


  • Great coffees
  • Pleasant interior
  • Great art on the walls
  • Great selection of comic books
  • Friendly staff


  • Can get loud on occasion

The Sidekick Comic Book Store and Café opened in 2015, and it was a fulfilment of the dream of owner Chris Watton. She is an avid fan of comic books and after working as a barista, decided it was time for her own little heaven: a comic book/café. The interior is very fitting for such a place: exposed brick walls, large murals on parts of the walls, reclaimed wood comic bookshelves and reclaimed wood and metal bar.

Fairy lights hang above the bar along with Edison lights, and the comic book shelves are illuminated with focused spotlights. The tables, chairs, and floors are all wooden, which adds coziness to the place and makes visitors feel welcomed. One corner has a fireplace and a small low coffee table and comfy armchairs. The plenty of shelves on the walls are full of drawings and statues and action figures of comic book characters.

This place is also very famous for its coffee, which is prepared by the owner herself. There are espresso-based or drip-based coffees, as well as fresh overnight cold brews. People can order an espresso, Americano, Cortado/Macchiato, Fat White/Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Chemex and a large teapot. The coffees are all served in comic-themed cups and mugs which is pretty awesome.

The Sidekick has a selection of baked goods on display that comes from two local bakeries, one regular and one vegan. You will need to ask the staff for the daily selection of baked goods, as one can get very hungry reading comic books or playing one of the board games available here.

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