Round the Horn

31 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto
About Round the Horn:

A sports bar offering an array of Ontario craft beers and a nicely put together pub fare menu, Round the Horn is located on 331 Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. Many patrons favour this bar because of its friendly atmosphere, cold beer, board games, and pinball.

There is some street-side parking near the bar for cars and bikes. The place is wheelchair accessible and has a nice interior, as well as a backyard patio. TVs are an essential part of every sports bar, and the Pound the Horn has at least five large screens displaying sporting events. It is not advisable to take your kids there, but you can go with your friends for a beer and a meal. There are a full bar and a large selection of regular and craft beers.

The menu is simple and centred around a favourite pub food – the hot dog. They serve lunch and dinner, as well as late-night snacks. The working hours are noon to 2 AM seven days a week, no exceptions.

From the online reviews I found on Facebook, Google Reviews and Yelp, I created the following list of pros and cons of Round the Horn.


  • Local place to enjoy with friends
  • Nice selection of beers
  • Simple pub fare
  • Affordable prices
  • Pinball and board games


  • Notes about particular servers
  • Poor customer service on occasion

Round the Horn was opened right before Christmas of 2015. The interior is modern, with a hipster vibe. The décor is dominated by rough sawn wood planks that adorn part of the walls, the bar, and the patio. There are long wooden seating booths and wooden tables, as well as a large bar with plenty of seating in the centre of the room. The bar top is made from the polished concrete, and the bottom side is made from the same wooden boards that are on the walls.

The back part of the restaurant, right next to the patio door houses the two pinball machines that are quite a popular attraction. The bar has plenty of board games for people that enjoy that kind of fun with friends and cold beer. The patio is paved in stone, with wooden boards and metal tables and chairs. There are a few trees with hanging lights on them that cast a nice golden glow during the summer nights.

The menu is simple: eight types of hot dogs are their primary offer, along with five types of nachos and other sides. The bar has a popcorn machine, so popcorn is always on the menu, as are the three jars filled with candy on the edge of the bar. In terms of drinks, there are many types of spirits, and people can even order some cocktails. Still, the real appeal is the beer served here. There is a wide selection of Ontario craft beers in tallboys, bottles, and draft. There is a daily offer – a different type of tall can of beer is on discount each day.

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