Petit Potato Finch & Leslie Square, Toronto

10 Ravel Rd, North York
About Petit Potato:

Located on a corner of a strip plaza, the Petit Potato serves a mix of Taiwanese and Japanese dishes along with scrumptious desserts. The exact location is 10 Ravel Road, Unit 1-2, in Toronto, Ontario.  People can enjoy lunch and dinner, and late-night meals in this nicely decorated restaurant in a pleasant atmosphere.

There is ample parking available around this restaurant. In terms of amenities, it is wheelchair accessible, takes reservations, makes deliveries, has free Wi-Fi, and is suitable for kids and large groups. This is not a place that serves alcohol, only non-alcoholic beverages and plenty of teas.

The menu offers lunch, dinner, late-night meals and lots of desserts. The place is opened from 11.30 AM to 1 Am from Monday to Friday, and from 11 AM to 1 AM on the weekends. From the plenty of online reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews and Facebook, I bring you the following list of pros and cons of the Petit Potato.


  • Tasty dining options
  • Great desserts
  • Interesting plates and utensils
  • Pleasant décor
  • Good size portions


  • Complaints about poor customer care

The Petit Potato opened in 2016. The place is nicely decorated, with high ceilings with exposed ductwork painted black, and nice panels from which hang plenty of Edison lamps. There are nice long wooden tables with benches and individual tables with modern chairs. Parts of the walls are covered with wooden panels, and parts are painted white and grey. The front windows feature semi-circle seating booths with blue leather upholstery that add a vintage charm to the place.

The menu is what attracts plenty of customers. There are appetisers like deep-fried fish cake, golden tofu nuggets, pork gyoza, spring rolls, takoyaki (octopus ball), squid ball, Taiwanese sausage, steamed rice noodle rolls, smoked salmon salad, and more. Patrons get to enjoy shrimp and crabmeat salad, chicken wings, honey garlic chicken wings, popcorn chicken, Tako wasabi, mocha chicken wraps and more.

As per the Asian tradition, the soup is an inevitable part of every meal, and the Petit Potato offers herbal black chicken soup, black chicken and conch and ginseng soup, pear apple and fig soup with chicken and pork, coconut and chicken soup, lion’s mane mushroom and fig chicken soup and more. The chef’s choice part of the menu has some interesting dishes like black truffle spaghetti, spicy chicken with basil, pan-fried satay ramen and more.

No oriental menu would be complete without bibimbap, omurice, and rice. The Petit Potato menu is not the exception, with plenty of options of all these dishes and more, like ramen and udon, and pre-set lunch specials that are tasty, filling and affordable.

The dessert menu is amazing, with French honey-golden toast series served with fruits and cream. Japanese soufflé pancakes are a must-try, as is the crème Brulée. For all their delicious sweet goodness, you need to consult their menu or even better, book a table at the Petit Potato and enjoy a healthy meal followed by a decadent dessert.

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