Central Nightclub

35 Brunel Rd, Mississauga
About Central Nightclub:

Located on 35 Brunel Road in Mississauga, Ontario, the Central Nightclub is the place for people looking for a fun night out. This club is a place where people can drink, dance, laugh and have fun and meet.

A nicely designed locale, this nightclub offers everything one can think of in a place like this. Due to its location, it is a very popular gathering place for the people in Mississauga with people coming in from the neighbouring cities. It is quite a large venue, with over 8,000 square feet of usable space.

Four perimeter bars are serving all kinds of drinks to the satisfaction of the fun-loving patrons. This place is open only one day a week, on Saturday from 10 PM up to 3 AM. It is smart to make a reservation to secure a booth and bottle service. Their reservation software and crew will organise everything for the whole party, including SMS confirmations for every person on your list that serve as VIP entry cards, as there is no classic list at the door.

This place has been reviewed online on Yelp and Google Reviews, and from these, I was able to create a list of pros and cons for the Central Nightclub in Mississauga.


  • Fun atmosphere
  • Affordable prices for drinks
  • Bottle service and booth reservation online
  • Modern design
  • Great music selection for dancing


  • Complaints about rude bouncers at the door
  • Complaints about bottle service girls

Central nightclub has been in business since 2017. The venue is quite large, with professional high-quality sound and lighting systems. The décor is modern, with exposed brick walls, exposed ductwork ceilings and lighting racks, and several disco balls above the dance floor. There are tables and chairs as well as low booths for seating, and mingling lanes where people can hang out and mingle.

There is a 360° inside/out bar that serves both the patio and the north side of the club. They take special pride in the ladies restroom, which is a very popular room in this kind of places, and this one is decorated in the French provincial style, with French style chairs and authentic décor.

The outside walls of the Central Nightclub have murals, and one wall inside is covered with images of famous album covers. The bars are carefully placed all around the club where every guest can get quick access to a drink, and they feature steam-punk shelves with various liquor bottles that come at very reasonable prices.

The music is modern and depends on the selection of the DJ, which can vary from hip-hop hits to Latin, and everything in between. The entry fee is $10 and a coat check is $3, which is very affordable for a nightclub. And the drinks are very affordably priced or about $6 for most regular drinks. It will cost you a little more if you reserve a table and bottle service, but the price is well worth it for a great Saturday night out.

Note: Hours vary, check Central's website for current times. Last call is at 2 am as per Ontario liquor laws.