Wooffles & Cream

8360 Kennedy Rd #81, Unionville
About Wooffles & Cream:

Sorry, This Wooffles & Cream Location Has Been Reported Closed.

When you are craving some waffles and ice cream, you can visit the Wooffles & Cream restaurant located on 8360 Kennedy Road in Markham. This is not a typical restaurant, more like a food court in the New Kennedy Square Plaza serving desserts, ice cream, and waffles.

Taking Unit 81 of the plaza, it has access to plenty of parking space and is a great place to take your kids for some ice cream or for you to stop by for some frozen yoghurt after a day of strolling about the plaza. The menu here is unique and offers a new take on the traditional waffles and ice cream.

It starts serving amazing desserts every day at 12.30 PM and stays open up to 9 PM on Tuesday to Thursday, up to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday and closes at 9.30 on Sunday. It is closed on Mondays. You don’t need a reservation to get a place here, as you can simply walk up to the counter and get some of their sweet or savoury waffles.

The Woffles & Cream has been reviewed by many people online on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Facebook, and here I bring a list of the main pros and cons of this place.


  • Hong Kong style round waffles
  • Soft, creamy ice creams
  • Excellent customer service
  • Plenty of seating at the food court
  • Good drink options


  • Small size bowls
  • Notes about prices

Woffles & Cream has been in business for about five years. They have nothing going in terms of décor, as this place is a booth in a plaza preparing an array of round egg waffles and serving them with soft serve ice cream. The waggles are freshly made each time, and they are very interesting looking, with their round shape and creative blend of flavours.

The customers can select between the classic waffles, or they can combine it with ice cream. There is an element of surprise – the hot waffle dipped in ice cream bringing an explosion of flavours into your mouth.

This place is run by two ladies, Kayan Woo and Marbel Yeung, who wanted to recreate the flavours they enjoyed as kids in their homeland of China. That is why most of the waffle flavours are predominantly Hong Kong style, with an exciting mix of savoury and sweet. There are daily specials like waffle sandwich with peanut butter, chocolate chips, salted toffee, and Lap Cheung waffle with sausage and seaweed.

The soft serve ice cream is also very good with only two flavours, matcha green tea and vanilla, which can be served single and in combination with an egg waffle. Even if you think it does not work, the many satisfied customers have said that they find the unexpected blends of flavours especially pleasing.

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