Augusta's Winking Judge

25 Augusta St, Hamilton
About Augusta's Winking Judge:

Augusta’s Winking Judge is a pub specialized in serving Micro Brewery beers. It is located at 25 Augusta Street in Hamilton, Ontario. Besides the great selection of beers, this pub also has a classic pub food menu with items designed to enhance the taste of the different beers.

Located on Augusta Street, this pub has street-side parking and a large parking lot across the street. The pub is located in an old house, and it has ivy creeping outside its walls, giving it an almost medieval look. The pub has 22 taps and 1 beer engine serving a lot of different beers. Since the opening of the pub, it has served 785 different types of beers from all across the world, a fact that the owners are very proud of.

 This pub usually opens at 3 PM and on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it closes at 1 AM, and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday it stays open up until 2 AM, providing the people of Hamilton with an excellent location to enjoy interesting micro-brewery craft beers over delicious pub fare.

Augusta’s Winking judge has been reviewed online on Google Reviews, Trip Advisor and Facebook, and from these reviews, I’ve drawn up a list of pros and cons.


  • Great selection of craft beers
  • Good pub food
  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • Comfortable décor
  • Good selection of music and live band on occasion


  • No food after 9 PM
  • Some complaints about service

The Winking Judge has been in business in Hamilton for a while now. The pub is located in an old house on Augusta Street, and that is why it is most often called Augusta’s Winking Judge. The place is not very big, but it has a nice charm to it. Once you enter through the eerie-looking door, you are hit by the amazing pub atmosphere. There is a lot of wooden décor across the place with beer paraphernalia all over, even on the ceilings.

The pub is set on the two floors of the house, with ample seating on both levels, but there is no wait service, so the patrons need to order their orders at the bar. There are deep green velvet seating booths, wooden tables and chairs, and everything beer-related you can think of. The back yard of the house is converted to an outside patio which is comfortable to use during warm weather.

The menu is the classic pub fare – chicken fingers, fries, fish and chips, chili, burgers, sandwiches and wraps, chicken wings with a variety of sauces, and a variety of combo platters and munchies. This is a cosy little place to have a beer with friends, taste some unusual beer concoction, enjoy live music and open mic stand up comedy on occasion. There are talks that the Augusta house is haunted by at least three ghosts, which adds to the appeal and mystery of the Winking Judge. If you are into mysteries and are near Hamilton, then go check it out and if you don’t meet any ghosts, then at least you’ll enjoy good beer.

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