16 Sydenham St, Dundas
About Quatrefoil:

A fine dining establishment in the heart of Dundas, the Quatrefoil restaurant is located on 16 Sydenham Street, in Dundas, Hamilton, Ontario. It offers seasonal modern French cuisine and a selection of fine wines and a very polished, upscale dining experience.

There is street side parking nearby for cars and bikes. The place takes reservations, but it does not do deliveries or takeaway meals. There is free Wi-Fi in terms of amenities, but no TV. This is not a place for kids, but you can have a celebratory dinner with adults only as it takes reservations for large groups. They serve alcohol from its full bar, and there is a dressy dress code.

The Quatrefoil serves lunch and dinner, opening for the lunch crowd from noon to 3 PM from Tuesday to Saturday, and for the dinner crowd from 5 PM to 10 PM. This restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday.

This place has been reviewed online on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Reviews. From there, I bring you a list of the pros and cons of the Quatrefoil restaurant.


  • Romantic, classy restaurant
  • Excellent menu
  • Great wine options
  • Special occasion place
  • Professional staff


  • Notes about some high prices
  • Complaints about small portions

Quatrefoil opened in 2010, as the joint effort of two amazing chefs, Fraser Macfarlane, and Georgina Mitropoulos, who, after working with Michelin chefs, decided to open their place. This restaurant has been voted as the best establishment to dine at in Dundas. The restaurant is located in an old gothic house, and the interior is decorated to perfection.

The walls are a soft peach colour with white ceilings and white wainscoting, classy chandeliers, and tasteful art on the walls. The bars are made of wood and add a touch of old-world charm to the place. The tables have crisp white tablecloths, and there are mixed chairs that add a dose of whimsy to the place.

The menu is divided into a lunch and dinner menu a fixed price menu, a dessert menu, a Friday night five-course tasting menu and a Farmer’s supper. The lunch and dinner menus have two courses, the first one is more of an appetiser and the second is the main, but all the items are carefully prepared and combined for an amazing overall experience. The fixed price lunch offer changes weekly, and it has three courses, the third one being a dessert.

The Friday 5 course night tasting menu has five courses, and it is available every Friday night, but it needs to be ordered by the whole table. The wine list is carefully selected, and it occasionally changes when a new item is added, but all the items are selected to complement the food perfectly. The Farmer’s supper is available every Thursday evening and is created as a celebration to the Canadian produce brought from field to table.

All the meals are served on high-quality white porcelain dishes and the food presentation is amazing, and all the drinks are actually served in the appropriate stemware. Considering everything I’ve read and seen so far, Quatrefoil offers a truly upscale dining experience.

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