Hambrgr Crown Point

207 Ottawa St N, Hamilton
About Hambrgr:

The Hambrgr restaurant is now on three different locations in Hamilton, but for the purpose of this review, we’ll look into the one located on 207 Ottawa Street North, in Hamilton, Ontario. Among the best places to get a quality hamburger, the Hambrgr menu also offers craft beers, snacks, and other interesting and appealing items.

There is some street-side parking for cars and bikes; the restaurant is wheelchair accessible and has free Wi-Fi. There is no TV, and can’t accommodate a large group of people, only smaller groups and is welcoming to families with kids. There is a small sidewalk patio during the warm months. The place takes requests for reservations, which are not always necessary.

The menu is interesting and prepared from fresh local produce. Hambrgr serves lunch and dinner, with working hours from 11 AM to 10 PM from Sunday to Thursday, and 11 AM to 12 AM on Friday and Saturday.

The people that have dined here have left their reviews online on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Google Reviews. I’ve read these and based on them I bring the following list of pros and cons.


  • Great burgers
  • Fresh local ingredients
  • Craft beers
  • Great selection of shakes
  • Modern, hipster ambience


  • Notes about particular servers
  • Notes about greasy burgers

The Hambrgr Crown point location was opened in 2016, after the initial interest in the first Hambrgr location in downtown St. Catherine’s in Hamilton. This place is very nicely decorated, in a trendy, hipster way. There is a lot of local artwork on the walls and plenty of exposed brick walls, open pipe shelves, and a large wooden bar.

The upstairs room is nice, with high tables and nice new and vintage art on the walls. When the weather allows it, there is a small patio on the sidewalk, with about eight tables. The kitchen has a semi-open concept in the back of the restaurant, and people can see their food being plated.

The menu is what attracts the large following. There are snacks and shareable like tater tot fondue, chips and dip, fried pickles, drunken duck wings, buttermilk onion rings, and buffalo cauliflower. French fries like classic, gar-parm, Piri Piri, a fry-fecta, sweet potato and half & half, all hand-cut daily, and served in large portions. Poutine with different toppings like house-made gravy, pulled pork, chicken shawarma, and more, which the restaurant calls fries with benefits, one of which is Quebec cheese curds. The inevitable green salads are also on the menu, to which you can add a topping of your choice.

The best thing is the burgers with locally sourced, freshly ground beef, or a selection of vegetarian patties. Classic, #Hamont, Le Royale, Blue’s your Daddy, El Diablo, 3 AM in Venice, Magic Mushroom, Maui Wowi, It’s Always Sunny, The Nacho Man, Nut Job, Californication, honestly, these are the names of the burgers on the Hambrgr menu.

Also, people can make their own burger, or order a sandwich with chicken. Besides the food, there is a good selection of craft beers, canned beers, wine, cocktails, and crazy milkshakes. Definitely worth the visit.

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