Earth to Table Bread Bar Locke

258 Locke St S, Hamilton
About Earth to Table Bread Bar:

A restaurant with a motto like “good ingredients matter” the Earth to Table Bread Bar is a place where people can enjoy a good, healthy meal prepared according to traditional American and Canadian cuisines, as well as a variety of pizzas made per Italian recipes. One of its three locations is on 258 Locke Street South, in Hamilton, Ontario.

There is street side parking for cars and bikes, but not much, so come prepared. It takes reservations, and you can have a family meal here, as it is welcoming to children, and accepting of larger groups. There is a TV, but no Wi-Fi and no outside seating area. The inside is casual, with a relaxed atmosphere and a full bar.

The Earth to Table Bread Bar serves lunch and dinner from their exciting menu and earth to table ingredients. Their business hours are 8 AM to 10 PM, seven days a week. From the reviews of this place I read online on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google Reviews, I bring you the following list of pros and cons.


  • Varied, delicious menu
  • Full bar
  • Seasonally changing items
  • Excellent dessert offer
  • Friendly, professional staff


  • Notes on issues with reservations
  • Some people found some items undercooked

Earth to Table: Bread Bar in Hamilton is an establishment that opened in 2010. The interior is nice, clean and modern. There are red and black accent walls, white ceiling, and brown tiled floors. The black walls serve as blackboards, where daily offers and eating advice is written in white chalk. The tables and chairs are mismatched, with wooden and metal chairs and tables that add charm and homely feel to the place.

The menu is what the patrons come here for, and it is divided into lunch and a dinner menu, a dessert menu and a catering offer. The lunch menu has soups and salads like the soup of the day, kale Caesar salad, arugula and fennel salad, iceberg wedge salad, watermelon salad and more. The sandwiches and main dishes are great and are served with skinny fries or a salad. There are roast turkey and peach sandwich, avocado chicken club sandwich, ratatouille sandwich, umami burger, steak sandwich, quinoa veggie burger, cheeseburger, and mac and cheese gratin.

The restaurant has a stone oven where they bake their bread and pizza, and patrons get to enjoy apple and bacon, Margherita, Meat Mountain, and other unorthodox names for pizzas. The menu has a shared plate section with items like a bread plate, steamed mussels, creamy hummus, skinny fries, loaded fries, fried calamari, fresh burrata, avocado deluxe and butcher’s board.

The dinner menu has items like salads, sandwiches and burgers and interesting pizza choices. The dinner offer varies from the lunch offer in both ingredients and preparation methods, and after their meal people can have a decadent dessert prepared in-house, or some of their regular or spiked milkshakes and speciality coffees. The beverage list is on their website menu, and there are seasonally changing cocktails, craft, regular, and draught beers, ciders, and wines.

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