Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill (Brampton)

154 West Dr, Brampton
About Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill:

The Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill in Brampton, Ontario is located on 154, West Drive, on the intersection with Queen Street. This bar and grill is a classic sports bar, with everything you can imagine in such a place – cold drinks, good selection of foods, and a great atmosphere. There are also several TVs carefully spread out through the restaurant so patrons can enjoy the game.

The menu is a nod to the classic American and Canadian cuisine, with emphasis on bar food and grill dishes. This place caters to groups, is good for taking your kids to lunch, and has a private parking lot for both cars and bikes. It serves lunch, dinner, desserts and late-night drinks.

Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill opens each day at 11 AM, and works up until 1 AM, with the exception of Friday and Saturday, when it is opened until 2 AM. You can make a reservation by directly calling the restaurant or by using the Open Table app. They also pack take away food you can pick up yourself and deliver via Skip the Dishes app.

The Brampton location of Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill has been visited by a lot of patrons, and some of them have shared their experiences online on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google Reviews. I’ve used these to try and make a list of pros and cons, which I share below.


  • Excellent atmosphere
  • Great menu and good bar food
  • Great wait staff and professional service
  • Great outdoor seating
  • Private parking lot


  • Some people complained about a change in menu
  • People not pleased with some of the wait staff

The Jack Astor Bar & Grill has been around for a long time, well since 1989, and since then has spread on over 41 locations in the US and Canada. The Brampton location has been around since 1996, and it has moved twice in that time. The restaurant in its current location is very nicely designed, with exposed dark brick walls, bright-coloured wooden bar, with comfortable high tables and bar chairs, and nice seating in the dining area. The interior is decorated with framed black-and-white drawings that add a charming touch to the place.

The menu is varied; one can find all kinds of appetizers and dips here, as well as a wide variety of salads, nachos, burgers, sandwiches, wings in various sauces, steaks, pasta dishes, main dishes, large selection of desserts and a separate kids menu. The patrons can enjoy a full bar, a good selection of beers and the occasional daily specials offers.

There is a nice outdoor seating area which the visitors can enjoy when the weather allows it. It is quite a popular place to go and watch a sports game, and on a game night, it is advisable to make a previous reservation so you and your friends can have a great time.

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