10086 Hurontario St, Brampton
About Annalakshmi:

If you want to be instantly transported to South India and the origin of flavours, Annalakshmi in Brampton is a small Indian restaurant that offers the most extensive selection of traditional Indian dosas.

If you haven’t heard of an Indian dosa, it’s a thin, crispy, crepe-like Indian speciality, usually made with rice flour and topped with a selection of ingredients. Many of the online reviewers, especially those that originate from India say this is the place where the dosas taste as they do back at home. Every dosa can is filled with different ingredients to your taste, and served with a trio of chutneys – coconut chutney, green chutney, and tomato sauce. Although it’s known for its dosas, Annalakshmi also has a wide selection of traditional Indian specialities: Utthappams, Tiffins, Idlies, Thalis and many more.

With a humble, but yet welcoming vibe, Annalakshmi is a family owned and family run restaurant that priorities delivering superb food quality to guests over everything else. When you enter the restaurant, you’re instantly transported to India with all the smells of flavours and spices mixing together. Reviewers often compliment the polite staff and food quality, while the humble and simple interior is rarely a subject of negative comments from visitors.


  • Over 40 dosa options available
  • Great food quality
  • Affordable prices
  • Everything is vegetarian and vegan
  • Has kids dosa menu
  • Offers takeout


  • No parking
  • No Wi-Fi

A traditional dosa is made with love, dedication, and commitment, something the owners have put into every dish since the very first dosa they prepared for the diners back in 2005. With a recipe passed down for generations, every dosa is cooked to perfection, just like they do it back in South India.

With a chef originating from South India, the very place where dosa comes from, the dosas he cooks daily are a result of 15 years of hard work and dedication. Partnering up with his friend, the owner was a no-brainer and the ideal opportunity to create the perfect combination of Indian ingredients and spices and bring the explosion of flavours to Canada.

The Indian family that runs the restaurant continually works to deliver the nostalgic feeling they have every time they taste a dosa. The crisp, sour and spice experience a dosa made directly from grandmother’s tawa brings is unmatched, and they want to bring that experience to as many diners as possible.

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