Tips on Eating Street Food in India

Here are some tips on eating street food in India but really a lot of these can go for just eating in India and not getting sick.

  • Do not be scared to try out street food, it is the same as any other country selling street food. There are some great foods such as momo’s, which can be found in northern India that will be way better than what you eat at a restaurant. You not should miss out.
  • One trick that always works is going to places where the locals go. Chefs from Marigold Lincolnshire say that if you find many people queuing up for samosa, then most likely the samosas they are selling are good and fresh.
  • Try staying veg only when trying out street food. It is hard to know how long the meat has been sitting before being stuffed inside whatever it is you are eating. There are some great burger places where you can see they have quality meat. You should also give shawarma, and other stands know for selling meat a chance. What you should look out for are the small stands selling one type of meat. There is a good chance their meat has been there for a long time.
  • Judge them based on cleanliness. Check out the cutting board or knife to see whether it is dirty. If the place is dirty, leave and find another place. You should be able to judge whether the place is clean or not.
  • Careful with drinks that aren’t hot. If the drink is not a hot one, it means it wasn’t able to come to a boil. Things such as ice are usually made from water from the tap, and coming contaminated drinks becomes easy. Just because there are locals drinking doesn’t mean it is safe for you. Their bodies are able to handle the water better than your body.
  • Be careful with sauces. If you buy a samosa, then get offered a sauce, just know the chutneys and sauces have been made using tap water. There is a good chance the sauce and chutney have been in the sun for many hours. Street vendors tend to water the sauces down so they can last longer.
  • if you find deep-fried or grilled veg, nuts, and fruits, snatch them up and eat. They are amazing. Grilled corn with cob with salt and lime is one of the best. You will also have a chance to experience pan roasted nuts and fresh potato chips, and you will most likely like them. Even if the veg and fruit were not properly washed, the cooking will take care of any harmful thing and should be okay to eat. You should not be worried when they re-fry your food. It is the same as re-heating and it might have not properly cooked the first time. This is common because it speeds up things. If you happen to visit the south, give dosas and potato patty (aloo tikki) a chance.
  • This doesn’t even have to be said; always make sure you have properly washed fresh fruits and vegs with clean water before eating them.
  • Samosas and puffs are very popular, but you will have a hard time if you don’t know the name of the veg in Hindi. They will tell you it is “veg puff”. There are some areas that use potatoes like Goa while there are some that us peas and egg puff like in Kerala.
  • Stay away from the ice.
  • You can drink chai even if the place selling is not as clean as you would like. You can easily get chai at 4 am in the morning. You will meet a lot of people selling chai.

Follow these tips and you should have a great experience trying Indian street food on your next vacation.