Wickie's Pub and Restaurant

274 Burton Ave, Barrie
About Wickie's Pub and Restaurant:

For all those who consider social happiness as a top priority in their life, Wickie's Pub and restaurant is the place to be. Situated at 274 Burton Avenue, Barrie, the Pub and restaurant offer food and beverage for lunch, dinner and even for a casual hangout.             

Designed in a traditional UK style, the pub is spacious enough to accommodate both small and large groups. You can find a good selection of beer taps with both domestic and European brands thus catering to a broad palate. The highlight of the pub are the screens (one big and four small screens) showing the latest sports events. The menu consists of many delectable dishes like wings, platters, flatbread, and pizza. The restaurant also tailor-makes the dishes to suit the requirements of its clients.

On a scale of 5, the pub and restaurant score currently 3.5 as per the reviews from customers on Yelp and TripAdvisor. The general opinion among the customers is that the pub used to be one of the best places in Barrie a few years back. But ever since the ownership changed, the pub fails to appeal the mass crowd.


  • Excellent patio setting with bar
  • Sports bar atmosphere with many screens. Thus, it is the right place for sports enthusiasts.
  • The right place to hang out with groups, especially for those who like sports.
  • Their rock and roll bingo night is very popular.    
  • Food is not very expensive.
  • A wide choice of food – both A la carte and buffet.


  • Complaints about the quality of service.
  • Complaints about the size of food portions the quality.

Opened more than a decade ago, the Wickie’s pub and restaurant is a favourite with the local crowd of Barrie. The peculiarity of Wickie’s is that they serve both A la carte and buffet menu. Thus, the customers are free to choose the food as per their choice. Few of the favourites with the customers are the fish and chips, Wings, burgers, and nachos. For a healthier option, you can go for Greek salad and spinach salad. The pub also has a play pool, and live music which provides the right ambience to chill out and relax.

Wickie’s Pub and restaurant is located at 274 Burton Avenue and is easy to locate. The outdoor patio of the pub along with an excellent bar setting makes the place a favourite with Barrie residents.

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