Tian Ya BBQ Korean Style

54 Maple Ave., Unit F, Barrie
About Tian Ya BBQ Korean Style:

Tian Ya BBQ is All-You-Can-Eat Korean style BBQ restaurant situated at 54 Maple Avenue, Barrie, just a walking distance from the Queen's Park and Heritage Park. As it allows you to cook your own food, with an electric grill available at the centre of each table, the restaurant offers a unique dining experience. 

You can choose from a wide range of menu options including all types of meats like chicken, beef, seafood (fish, shrimps, squid), and pork, as well as vegetables, like onions, mushrooms, and green peppers, that you can cook on the electric grill. The side options on the menu are served pre-cooked, like wonton soup, dumplings, and spring rolls.   

The dinner is offered for $20.99 for adults ($23 on weekends), while lunch is offered for only $13.99, with limited menu options for lunch compared to dinner. You can choose seven pieces each from well-marinated meat and seafood, along with several appetisers, vegetables, and other options for the price. 

Some of the most popular food items on their menu, based on customer reviews, are dumplings, spring rolls, ribs, shrimps, mushrooms, enoki, and kimchi. You also have a few beer and wine options to choose from. The interior is also very spacious, well decorated, and less crowdy, that makes it a good choice for couples as well as families.    


  • The service is rated as quick and friendly.
  • Plenty of food options with generous portion size for each menu item.
  • Kids and family friendly.
  • Calm and relaxing ambience.


  • As you have to cook most of the food on the grill, some customers with no cooking experience find it confusing as seasoning and process is not labelled or explained.
  • Some customers claimed that the restaurant is slightly over-priced if not super expensive.
  • The menu is only Korean and Chinese cuisine. 
  • Not many options are available for vegans.

Tian Ya BBQ is ranked among the top 20 restaurants (17th to be precise) on TripAdvisor out of 366 restaurants in Barrie based on customer reviews. It also won a certificate of excellence in 2017 on TripAdvisor. As there are hundreds of reviews by customers on different review websites, it reflects that Tian Ya BBQ is a popular option among Barrie locals and even visitors. 

They are also rated as the only Korean BBQ in Barrie, which makes them the only option for you if you are interested in Korean cuisine. The dining experience is not only calm and relaxing, but also unique. However, if you don't want to cook your own food, and want it served cooked, this is not for you. On the other hand, if you carve for Korean cuisine and unique dining experience, Tian Ya BBQ makes for one of the best restaurants in Barrie.

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