The Johnson's Residence

34 Dunlop St E, Barrie
About The Johnson's Residence:

Sorry, This The Johnson's Residence Location Has Been Reported Closed.

The Johnson’s Residence is a house party located in downtown Barrie in Canada. Formally The Mansion, and owned by Dustin Leigh, the Johnson’s Residence is a perfect blend of a bar layout with the comfort of a house. The house party has six rooms where the customers can throw in a party every Friday and Saturday.

Whether you want to order a pizza delivery late in the night or listen to some throwback sing-a-longs The Johnson’s Residence is the right place.

The brainchild behind The Johnson’s Residence is Dustin Leigh who wanted to create something new in the party scene in Barrie. He wanted to convert The Mansion Nightclub that he owned into something extraordinary and new to the Barrie residents. The concept of electronic music was becoming over-saturated in the market, and he wanted to try out something new. Thus, he informed his friends and customers about the closure of the Mansion. But, in reality, he was working round-the-clock on renovating the mansion and turning it into a house party. He added a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a recording room and completed the homey look with some wallpaper and plants.

Today, Johnson’s Residence is one of the best house party in the whole of Canada. Apart from a party setting, patrons can keep themselves occupied with video games, board games, chalkboard, and a tick-tack-toe game. And in online reviews, customers have more good things to say about the house party.


  • Excellent atmosphere with skillfully done interiors
  • Option to order food of your choice
  • Can chill out the way you want
  • Friendly butler (Jeeves) who attends to every query of the customers
  • Alcohol is inexpensive when compared to other places
  • Service is fast
  • The venue is LGBT-friendly


  • Kids are not admitted.
  • Can be crowded at times.
  • Security is way too strict and can be rude at times.

The Johnson’s Residence is an all-in-all place for party goers. Whether you want to listen to music, or get wild and dance, or have a casual beer with a friend it is possible in The Johnson’s residence. The centre of attraction of the house party is Jeeves, the butler, who acts as the connecting force between the customers and the house. You can leave your feedback, raise a complaint or even give suggestions to Jeeves. He also helps customers meet each other and help build a strong relationship among them.

The Johnson’s Residence is located at Dunlop St E and can easily be accessed by taxi.