Original Barrie Burger

157 Essa Road, Barrie
About Original Barrie Burger:

Original Barrie Burger is a fast food restaurant based in central Barrie, known for its burgers. Their burgers are made from fresh ingredients, and their signature spices. As it remains open from 8 am to 9 pm, six days a week (except Sunday), you can choose the place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner alone or with family. In addition to choosing from the large variety of tasty homemade burgers, you can also choose between the french fries or onion rings, allowing you to have a customised meal. 

The place is best known for its low prices. Even though the indoor seating space is limited, but the restaurant is not crowded, so you can easily find a space. Breakfast is served all day, with plenty of options to choose from like sausage & eggs, steak & eggs, greek or western omelette, french toast, grill cheese, and other food.               

For dinner and lunch, you can choose from a wide range of burgers and sandwiches, fish & chips, salads, chicken finger, chicken and pork souvlaki, chicken fillet, sirloin steak, and more. For beverages, you can choose from soft drinks, bottled juice, chocolate milk, or coffee. 

In addition to their juicy burgers, they are also praised for beacon with eggs, chicken souvlaki, and bacon sandwich, that makes their most popular food options. Online reviews from Yelp and TripAdvisor listed the following pros and cons:


  • Affordable.
  • Most customers on review sites praised the portion size. 
  • Praised for the taste of their juicy burgers and fresh buns, as well as for the value of price offered.            
  • Makes a good option for breakfast with family on weekends. 


  • Few customers who are visiting the place for years also claimed that the quality and service deteriorate with time.
  • Limited beverages option with no beer or wine. 
  • Seating is not very comfortable.

Original Barrie Burger is a family owned business, managed by husband and wife originally from Korea. Founded almost 25 years ago, the place is known for its low prices and a quick breakfast or meal. There is nothing extraordinary about the interior or the food, but they make sure you get enough value for the money you pay.

Even though the indoor space is limited, with no fancy decoration, but it is clean and neat. The walls are decorated with nice paintings that adds a pleasant touch to your surroundings. 

Overall, it looks like a great option for those who want a budget meal, but also want good food. It also makes a good option for a quick breakfast with your family. Not a crowded place, so you can easily find a sitting space no matter the time of your visit.

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