Groovy Tuesdays Bistro

73 Collier St., Barrie
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About Groovy Tuesdays Bistro:

Groovy Tuesdays Bistro is an Italian restaurant at 73 Collier St. near the waterfront in downtown Barrie.

Imagine a place where you can enjoy fine dining and never have to order the same meal twice? Yes, such a place exists, it is called Groovy Tuesday’s Bistro, and you can find it conveniently placed on Collier Street in Downtown Barrie, Ontario.

Not following an established routine, Groovy Tuesday’s Bistro is a mix of Canadian and international influences, whit particular emphasis on the contemporary outlook on food. The menu is ever-changing, and every new season brings new recipes. This is the owner’s wish, to have a place where everything will be new, fresh and always appealing.

To be able to try the always interesting dishes prepared here, you need to make a reservation and plan your visit around their working hours on Monday to Friday from 11AM-2: 20 PM and from 5 PM to 8:30 PM, Thursdays and Fridays up until 9:30 PM, or Saturday from 5 PM to 9:30 PM. Groovy Tuesday’s Bistro is closed on Sundays.

The owner, Melanie Barrett, is very friendly and always has a warm smile on her face, making every visitor feel welcomed and uplifting everyone’s mood. The seasonally changing menu and the warm, pleasant atmosphere have been the reason for many visitors to come over and over again and eat at Groovy Tuesday’s Bistro. Online reviews list several reasons to visit:


  • Great seasonal menu
  • Daily specials and house-made desserts
  • Inviting and cosy interior
  • Semi-open kitchen
  • Professional, friendly staff


  • Small portions on some dishes
  • Prices a little high for some dishes

Open for business for about seven years now, Groovy Tuesday’s Bistro is now ranked among the top 20 restaurants in Barrie. The interior of the bistro is calm, warm and inviting. There is a semi-open kitchen, and the guests get to watch their food being plated and carefully arranged by the experienced chefs via carefully placed mirrors.

There are many things that make this place attractive, but the most prominent of all is the menu that changes with every season. So if you happen to come for a visit during the summer, and come back a few months later, then you will get a completely new menu.

The recipes are carefully prepared, with fresh seasonal ingredients and a lot of consideration. Expect cozy comfort food during the autumn season, heavier, more filling dishes during the cold winters, fresh dishes in the spring and light dishes during the summer. The growing number of satisfied customers reflects the spirit of the Groovy Tuesday’s Bistro, and their unique, creative approach towards food only adds to the charm of the place.

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