The Local Gastro Pub

37 Dunlop St. West, Barrie
About The Local Gastro Pub:

The Local Gastro Pub is an upscale restaurant in downtown Barrie, Canada that serves Gourmet Pub food. Started by Scott Connor, the Local Gastro Pub offers an excellent combination of craft beer and food.

What makes the Local Gastro Pub unique is that all food available here perfectly matches the drinks that are served in the pub. From starters to the main course to dessert, all food items blend in well. Few of their must-try food items include the local gastropub daily vegan meal, chicken korma curry, steamed rice, and grilled naan, and braised ham hock mac n cheese with green salad.

The concept of craft beer was first introduced in Barrie at the Local Gastro Pub. All beers served here are sourced from local breweries, and hence the customers get to taste more of local flavour. The taps are also changed at frequent intervals so that the customers never get bored of the same drink. Check the website for beer tastings and other events throughout the year.

Reviews from popular sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor have mixed opinion about the pub.


  • The pub is easy to locate as it is located near a bus depot and taxi stand.
  • Excellent ambience and friendly staff.
  • Food is reasonably priced.
  • Kid friendly environment.


  • The restaurant is relatively small and hence can be congested, at times. There is no outdoor seating option as well.
  • Parking is limited.
  • Drinks are slightly overpriced
  • Only a single vegan dish is available in the main course.
  • No home delivery
  • The pub is closed on Sunday and Monday.

The Local Gastro Pub was opened in 2009 by chef Scott Connor who wanted to offer something extraordinary to Barrie residents. His mind was hooked up at the British pubs which he was so used to seeing during his childhood days in Scotland. He opened the Local Gastro Pub in 2009, and the renovated it to make it funky and more attractive to the customers. Scott had experience working in top class restaurants in major cities around the world. This experience helped him a lot in coming up with unique dishes and in introducing craft beer in Barrie.

It is Scott’s dream to contribute towards the growth of the downtown community in Barrie. As such, various community events are also promoted by the Local Gastro Pub.

The Local Gastro Pub is located next to the Barrie downtown bus depot, and thus the place is easy to find.

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