Debb's Place

352 Huronia Rd., Barrie
About Debb's Place:

An exquisite Canadian restaurant located in Barrie is just the perfect place to spend leisure evenings. The old school exterior and comfortable interior wonderfully combine to provide you with an incomparable dining experience. Debb’s Place is often referred to as the ultimate place to have Super Breakfast all because of its sumptuous offerings. 

People from all walks of life come here for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. This unique place believes in making people comfortable before feeding them, all thanks to their highly cordial, available and patient staff.

Debb’s Place is your perfect choice for quick, tasty, unique and affordable breakfast. The serving time, amazing pricing and quality food combine to make your visit memorable and coaxes you to come back again and again. Online reviews on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor list the following pros and cons:


  • No matter how busy it gets, you will always find someone at the gate ready to escort you to a seat
  • Home cooking style makes the food tastier and very much intriguing
  • Desserts are to die for
  • Always ready to take bulk orders or bookings
  • Coffee and omelette are the unique selling point of Debb’s Place 
  • Has enough parking space for people flocking in search of good breakfast


  • The location of Debb’s Place is a bit odd, takes a good amount of time to reach it from the city
  • A lot of customers have found Debb’s Place to be expensive from the breakfast point of view
  • No option for dinner, which kind of upsets loyal customers

Debb’s Place has a history of being cordial and welcoming. A review on Yelp suggests that the lady is very welcoming and treats everyone like a family. On sites like TripAdvisor, people have rated the restaurant very high and have also mentioned that no matter how busy it gets, the lady will always escort you in and make sure that you are comfortable. 

A lot of reviews on Yelp urges people to try coffee, omelette, and fries at Debb’s Place, simply because they think that this exquisite place beats the Coffee giants in quality and taste.

It is for this reason that people have grown habitual of visiting this Canadian restaurant for coffee and sandwich before hitting the workplace. That said, Debb’s Place has built a reputation that is tough to replicate. They have solely built a reputation by serving quality food with a warm smile. Debb’s Place reminds you of a Sunday morning even on Wednesdays, it is that comfortable and welcoming. 

Well! Next time you are in Barrie, you need to visit this place and ensure you grab yourself a cup of good coffee. 

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