Chef Chan

190 Minet's Point Rd, Barrie
About Chef Chan:

Located on 190 Minet’s Point Road, in Barrie, Ontario, Chef Chan is a nice place where people can get good Chinese food and plenty of vegetarian dishes. The restaurant does deliveries and packs takeout meals and offers in-house dining at a very affordable price.

There is a lot of available parking near the restaurant as it's in a strip plaza. There is no TV, no Wi-Fi, and nothing much in fancy amenities. It is wheelchair accessible and does not require a reservation. People usually call ahead and place their order, and have their food ready when they get to the restaurant.

The menu is varied, with several different styles of Chinese and Asian influences. It serves lunch and dinner and works from noon to 9 PM on Monday and Wednesday, from noon to 9.30 on Thursday, from noon to 10.30 on Friday and Saturday and Sunday and holidays from 2 PM to 9 PM. Chef Chan is closed on Tuesdays.

This restaurant has been reviewed online on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Reviews, and from these, I was able to make the following list of pros and cons.


  • Great menu
  • Fast takeout/delivery service
  • A good combination of flavours
  • Great prices
  • Friendly staff


  • Some people had a bad experience with the food
  • Notes about greasy food items

Chef Chan has been around for a long time, and many people in Barrie call this place their favourite Chinese food restaurant. The interior is simple, with natural wood and green theme. The kitchen is semi-open, and people can see their food being prepared. There is not much in décor, just some tables and chairs as their main business is takeout meals.

The menu is very appealing, though, as it has an abundance of flavorful dishes. There are appetisers like egg rolls, BBQ pork slices, honey garlic chicken wings, and spareribs. Soups like chicken rice soup, wonton soup, and hot & sour soup are a must-have on every Chinese restaurant menu. Sweet & Sour dishes like chicken balls, pork, shrimp, wontons; chicken dishes like sesame, almond, lemon, orange, General Tso, Szechuan, Kung Pao, curry chicken, garlic chicken, black bean and more; a large variety of beef dishes like curry beef, Kung Pao beef, teriyaki beef with mushrooms, house ginger beef, beef with garlic sauce, satay beef, and steak Cantonese are just some of the offers.

People can also order seafood and pork dishes, plenty of vegetarian options, Cantonese noodles, Lo Mein, and several varieties of rice dishes.

There are combination dinners for two, three, four and six people. Chef also has lunch specials at very affordable prices served from Monday to Saturday from noon to 3 PM. The specials include egg roll, chicken fried rice, and chicken noodle soup.

Since the restaurant does not take reservations, people that like to have their food usually call ahead to order. Then their meal ready is when they reach the restaurant, often on their lunch break, as this place has an affordable meal offer.

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