AvocoBar (Bryne Drive)

561 Bryne Dr. B2, Barrie
About AvocoBar :

Located on 561 Bryne Drive, in Barrie, Ontario, in Unit B2 of a plaza, there is an exciting fast-food place serving Canadian-inspired dishes made from healthy ingredients. The AvocoBar has a mission to make healthy eating a piece of cake.

The AvocoBar has two other locations, one on Cundles Road and one on Welham Road. There is a large parking lot in front of the restaurant for both cars and bikes. The place does not take reservations, and welcomes walk-ins, and takes orders for deliveries and takeout and even does catering for various events. It is a nice place to have lunch with your friends or colleagues, and it is also kid-friendly.

The place serves lunch and dinner, working seven days a week, on workdays from 11 AM to 9 PM, and over the weekends from 11 AM to 7 PM. The menu offered here is extensive and has some exciting offers made from fresh ingredients.

Many people that have tried it have given their reviews online on Trip Advisor, Google Reviews and Facebook, and from these, I’ve made the following list of pros and cons:


  • Fresh ingredients
  • Friendly service
  • Great smoothie offer
  • Custom options
  • Quirky, interesting décor


  • Poor locations
  • Notes about prices

The AvocoBar was launched in May 2014, and in the five years since it has been around, it has served a staggering amount of healthy meals. The interior is bright green, with a lot of black accents. There are high tables and chairs so that people can enjoy their meal in the restaurant. The bar is long and made of wood and stainless steel.

The food display has stainless steel trays displaying all the items they have on hand, and the customers get to create their salad or wrap or entrust the server with a selection. The You Build offer contains base greens like romaine, spinach and spring mix, cheeses like blue, cheddar, feta, parmesan, smoked gouda or goats cheese. The salad can be topped with dry toppings like a wide selection of nuts or croutons and dressed with one of their many salad dressings, some orthodox, and some very, very unexpected.

Besides the dry toppings, there are fruit toppings like blueberries, avocados, pineapple, mandarins, strawberry apple mix or watermelon. No salad would be complete without protein, and AvocoBar offers chicken, crab, steak, tuna or falafel, and of course, veggie toppings like alfalfa sprouts, beets, beans, olives, and edamame among others.

Besides the basic salads, the AvocoBar menu has fruit salads where the customers can select their fruits, and soups with garlic bread, crunch or proteins, or enjoy a fresh-made smoothie with ingredients like chocolate, almond, pineapple, kale, orange coconut, banana blue, black razz, and mango blush.

This bar does not serve any alcohol but offers waters like locally bottled spring water, coconut water, karma wellness water, and sparkling water. The description of fast food fits the AvocoBar, as a freshly made salad with healthy ingredients is one of the quickest meals to prepare.

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