West River Cookhouse

627 River Rd. W., Wasaga Beach
About West River Cookhouse:

A very fine establishment serving local Canadian cuisine, the West River Cookhouse is a nice place to have lunch or dinner at and enjoy some good times. This restaurant is located at 6-627 River Road in Wasaga Beach, Ontario and in spite of its relatively small size, offers an atmosphere that can be described as pleasantly homey.

The dishes served here are a reflection of the homely feel this place achieves to perfection, with special emphasis on traditional recipes that were a part of the owner’s family cookbook. The food served is a nod to the local setting, with liver and onions specialities, bakes beans and homemade soups, finishing off with homemade desserts.

The West River Cookhouse caters to the brunch/lunch and dinner crowd, with working hours starting at 11 AM every morning, and working up to 8 PM every night, except Fridays and Saturdays when they are opened until 9 PM. Around 5 PM the place is usually hopping with people that are in time for dinner.

According to the many reviews online like the Trip Advisor website among other places, the West River Cookhouse is a nice place to enjoy a home-cooked family meal.


  • Casual, hospitable atmosphere
  • Extensive, varied menu
  • A large selection of sandwiches
  • Family atmosphere
  • Welcoming staff


  • Some complaints on slow service
  • Complaints on prices of some dishes

Being the result of one man’s lifelong love towards cooking, the West River Cookhouse came to be in 2015. George Mavrogiannis, Greek-born whose family was in the restaurant business since he was a little kid, has worked in restaurants almost all his life. After he learned all he can about running a restaurant and when an opportunity presented itself, he considered opening his restaurant. He paired with Jonna Casey, who is now his wife, and together they set about opening West River Cookhouse where George is the head chef.

The main dining room is quite small, but it is always welcoming. The wait staff is very friendly, and the owners usually greet all the customers. For many locals, this has become the favourite place to go out and eat a home-cooked meal. The chef has a story behind every recipe, and when George is not too busy, he enjoys sharing them with his customers.

When in need of home-cooked meals oriented towards the local, more traditional recipes that are favoured by the local clientele, then one must visit this place. It is kid-friendly, with a special kids menu and a wide assortment of home-made desserts, with special emphasis on pies that one can see mouthwateringly displayed. Many customers say that they usually come back for the liver and onions dish, followed by their homemade apple fritters dipped in homemade caramel sauce.

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