Prenup Pub

191 College St, Toronto
About Prenup Pub:

A pub with a very unorthodox name, the Prenup Pub is located on 191 College Street in Toronto, Ontario, right across the street from the University Of Toronto Walberg Memorial Building. This is a gastro/modern pub twisted with the traditional British pub, offering a pleasant experience and premium Belgian and German beers along with interesting food choices.

There is street-side parking nearby for both cars and bikes. The place is not wheelchair accessible, but there is a large patio/yard seating area. There is free Wi-Fi, a happy hour and lots of vegetarian and vegan options. The location near the university makes it very accommodating towards groups of people, but not actually welcoming to children. The atmosphere is modern and trendy, and all kinds of alcohol are served here, along with over 100 different beers.

The pub opens up for business each day at 11 AM, and closing time is usually 2 AM, except for Sunday when they close at midnight. Lunch, dinner and late-night snacks and drinks are served here from a nicely organized menu with some twists.

The Prenup Pub has been reviewed on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Google Reviews. I’ve read these and constructed the following list of pros and cons.


  • Great choice of beers
  • Good pub food
  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • Good patio area
  • Favoured by the college crowd


  • Notes on rude staff
  • Notes that some beers are pricey

The Prenup Pub is located in a Victorian house and has kept the Victorian exterior, but the interior has gotten a facelift while still keeping the original Victorian aspects. The walls are panelled wood, the ceilings are high and have beautiful centrepiece mouldings from which beautiful metal and glass chandeliers cast pleasant light on the place.

In terms of sitting, there are leather booths, seating benches, barstools, wooden chairs and leather armchairs throughout this two-story establishment. The tables are wooden and each one has a candle that gets lit for an added pleasant feel of the place.

The menu is interesting and has items like Trappist onion soup, Canadian, German and Belgian poutine, onion rings, breaded cauliflower, German meatball, smoked trout, Frenched chicken drumettes and more. There is a section offering mussels and Belgian Frites. The salad offer is interesting with spinach salad, wurst salad, Nicoise salad, duck confit salad and more.

There are a good burger and sandwich menu, a pasta and pizza section, steak Frites, and entrees like Wiener schnitzel and Prenup schnitzel that is among fan favourites, and many others. There is a good selection of desserts, and the menu also offers a beer pairing with each dish.

The beer offer is amazing, with 100 different beers from all over the world, 70 of these being on tap. There is a liquor menu, a wine list, and cocktail list. Each beer comes in its own branded glass, and some of these have very unexpected designs. The daily offer has a discount on select draft and bottled beers.

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