A-Game Café

797 Dundas St W, Toronto
About A-Game Café:

Situated on 797 Dundas Street West, in Toronto, Ontario, there is A-Game Café where people can go to play board games and have a good time. This café is owned by two brothers that know their board games, and who liked the idea of a place where board game enthusiasts could form a community and retain the personality of such a place.

The exterior of the place is not much, and there is only street-side parking for cars and bikes. The place is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible, but there is free Wi-Fi. The A-Game Café takes reservations and it is smart to make one, caters to large groups of people and is welcoming to kids. There are plenty of alcohol-free drinks served here, as well as beer and wine.

This café serves lunch and dinner, as well as late-night drinks and snacks. It is opened from 2 PM to midnight from Monday to Thursday, from 2 PM to 2 AM on Friday, from 11 AM to 2 AM on Saturday and 11 AM to midnight on Sunday.

From the reviews I read on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews and Facebook, I made the following list of pros and cons of the A-Game Café.


  • Simple, pleasant interior
  • Limitless stay-and-play $8 fee
  • Weekly specials
  • Simple menu
  • Good game collection


  • Can get loud on occasion
  • Notes on some prices

The A-Game Café was opened in 2015. The two brothers that own and run this place, Gary and Derek Fung love board games and opened the A-Game Café to create a small community for players. They moved to this location in 2018, and still have to put their stamp on the place. The interior is simple, with white walls, and bright orange accent walls and other orange decorations. The tables and chairs are black, with several orange chairs and one white couch.

The bar/counter is in the middle of the room, and the small kitchen is on the side next to the bar. The games are displayed on shelves in front of the kitchen wall. The back of the place is more secluded and also has tables and chairs, as well as the same orange and white theme.

The menu offered here is very simple, and just what every board game enthusiast needs. There are sandwiches like the A-Game, Nutella Banana, tuna salad, grilled cheese, epic grilled cheese, prosciutto, roasted red pepper and spinach sandwich, hamburger, Kings burger, and a veggie burger. There are snacks like nachos, chips & salsa, tuna dip with crackers, cookie platter and milk, homemade banana bread, homemade yogurt with granola and blueberries, and candy box. The desserts here are double chocolate mousse, vanilla cheesecake, apple crumble tart and tiramisu. They also serve ice cream from Wong’s, a small independent ice-cream shop nearby.

Smoothies, iced coffee, coconut water, iced tea, espresso, Americano, latte, teas, London fog/Chai latte and tall cans of beer and cider complete the drinks offer. If you follow the A-Game Café on social media, you will get notifications for their upcoming events and organized game night events.

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