Restoran Malaysia

15 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill
About Restoran Malaysia:

This restaurant is located on 815 Major Mackenzie Drive East, on the corner with Bayview Avenue in Richmond Hill, Ontario and is serving Malaysian and other Asian-inspired meals. It serves lunch and dinner emulating a traditional Malaysian setting with original Malaysian dishes.

You can go here with your kids or with your entire entourage of friends and be accommodated accordingly. The place has a private parking lot for cars only and does not take reservations, there is no WIFI, no TVs and no outdoor seating. In compliance with the traditional Malaysian cuisine, there is no alcohol served here.

The menu is very varied and features Halal authentic Malaysian cuisine. There are curry, roti, salads, soups, veggie dishes, rice and noodle dishes, entrees, a separate lunch menu and a lot of non-alcoholic drink options.

Restoran Malaysia opens before the lunch crowd arrives, at 11.30 AM on Tuesday, at 11 Am on Wednesday thru Saturday, and at noon on Sunday. The closing time is usually 10 PM, except for Friday and Saturday when it closes at 11 PM. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.

There have been plenty of comments about this place online on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google Reviews. I’ve used these to create a list of pros and cons about the Restoran Malaysia.


  • Excellent Malaysian dishes
  • Very large and varied menu
  • Large portions
  • Seasonal dishes, hot and spicy options
  • Casual atmosphere in a pleasant décor


  • Cash only payment

The Restoran Malaysia has been preparing food for the Richmond Hill community since 2007. This place is very tastefully decorated, whit soft cream walls, subdued lighting and plenty of seating options. There are wooden tables and chairs, as well as a lot of wooden accents on the walls and a very beautiful large mural on one wall, and framed paintings on the other walls.

The tables have no tablecloths, and all the food is served on simple white porcelain platters that emphasize the beautiful colours of the various dishes. The menu is quite large with a lot of dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients. The traditional Malaysian cuisine features a lot of hot and spicy dishes, as well as a lot of fish dishes. To make sure you don’t get “burned” by the food, you can ask the waiters about advice on the items you are thinking of ordering.

There are authentic Malaysian dishes like satay, roti with different sauces and toppings, authentic soups, Asian-inspired vegetarian dishes, rice and noodle dishes with different combinations, specific Malaysian entrees. The separate lunch menu that is available from Tuesday to Friday from opening time till 4 PM.

Besides the varied menu, a lot of the regular customers that come to restaurant Malaysia have very high praises for several specific dishes like their laksa, roti and curry dishes. The authenticity is further emphasized by the teh tarik tea they serve here which is rated among the best in the GTA by many customers.  

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