Northern Dumpling Kitchen

550 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill
About Northern Dumpling Kitchen:

Located on 550 Highway 7 East in Richmond Hill, the Northern Dumpling Kitchen is a restaurant that serves original northern Chinese cuisine, Asian-inspired dishes and vegetarian-friendly meals. Renowned for its dumplings, this place attracts a lot of people craving Chinese food for lunch and dinner.

The place has a free underground private parking lot for cars and bikes. Like many other Chinese restaurants, this one does not have WIFI, TV nor does it serve alcohol. The Northern Dumpling Kitchen is a place where one goes to eat, and you can certainly go there with your family or with your friends. This restaurant packs takeaway food, but they don’t provide catering or deliveries and you will need to take your food at the counter as there is no waiter service.

The menu is quite extensive, but it revolves mainly around dumpling dishes, soups and wontons with different steamed vegetables, or baked or smoked meats. The place serves lunch and dinner and is opened each day from 11 AM up to 11 PM, no exceptions.

The Northern Dumpling Kitchen has been the topic of plenty of online reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google Reviews. I’ve read through these to find the pros and cons related to this restaurant.


  • Excellent dumpling and noodles dishes
  • Friendly staff
  • Simple, pleasant décor
  • A large selection of authentic Chinese dishes
  • Great choice of spices and sauces


  • No wait staff
  • Cash only payment

The Northern Dumpling Kitchen has been serving dumplings to the Richmond Hill community since 2005. This is a family-owned place, the kitchen is run by a father-daughter duo, Mingda, and Wendy Wang, while the mom manages the front and all the daily proceedings of the restaurant.

There is not much in terms of décor, just as expected from a Chinese restaurant. A large room with tables and chairs on one side and seating booths on the other side, the restaurant has cream-coloured walls and very little in terms of interior décor. There are blown up posters of the menu on the wall near the counter and a few scattered Chinese-themed decorations.

The menu reflects the head chef’s Chinese roots, with specialities from the northern provinces of China. The dumplings are as fresh as possible, as are the soups and noodle dishes. In keeping with the traditional Chinese cooking, there are a lot of pork dishes, rice dishes, and steamed vegetables, but to mix things up, Chef Wang has incorporated many western spices into his dishes.

The service is quite efficient and the food is always prepared fresh and in-house. There are many things you can order in the Northern Dumpling Kitchen, but one of their all-time popular dishes is the wontons in a spicy Chili peanut sauce. Being located on the corner of a “foodie” plaza, the Northern Dumplings Kitchen is quite a popular place and many of the people working nearby prefer this place on their daily lunch break.

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