Little Saigon

9625 Yonge St, Richmond Hill
About Little Saigon:

Located on 9625 Yonge Street, Unit J, in Richmond Hill Ontario, there is a nice little Vietnamese restaurant called Little Saigon. This restaurant serves traditional Vietnamese recipes, along with other Asian-inspired dishes as well as a wide selection of soups.

Little Saigon is serving brunch, lunch, and dinner, and is also preparing takeaway meals. The restaurant has a private parking lot for cars and bikes. It offers a casual dining experience in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere where you can take your kids or have lunch with your friends. The place accepts reservations, which is good to have if you plan to dine here during the more busy hours, especially on weekends.

This restaurant is opened from Tuesday thru Sunday from 11 AM up to 8 PM, with Fridays closing at 9 PM. The dishes served at Little Saigon are classic Asian and Vietnamese, with several kinds of rolls, vermicelli, steamed rice with different additions, pho, several fried rice dishes, pad Thai, and several types of soups. The restaurant serves Vietnamese coffee, tea, soft drinks and smoothies, and beer and wine.

Little Saigon has been visited by many people who have shared their impressions online on Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp and Trip Advisor. I’ve used these to compile a list of the pros and cons Little Saigon has.


  • Affordable prices
  • Simple but tasty menu
  • Excellent service and professional staff
  • Selection of portion sizes
  • Amazing Pho dishes


  • Small restaurant, usually crowded
  • No phone reservation, only in person

Little Saigon has been in business since July 2014. It is a family owned and run restaurant, and most times, the owner is there to greet the customers and serve the tea. The restaurant itself is small and usually crowded as this is a very popular restaurant during the lunch and dinner rush.

The décor is very, very simple, with wooden booths seating four people on one side, and a long wall-mounted bench with tables and chairs on the other side. The walls are clean white, with Vietnamese-inspired framed art on them and a simple bar. There is nothing in terms of décor, as this is still as simple eatery where people come to have a healthy, tasty Vietnamese dish.

Recently the place has undergone staff reduction, and at times you may find yourself served in a takeout container in the restaurant. This is not something many people find an issue with, as the many positive reviews online actually testify, the Little Saigon menu is of very high quality and so amazingly tasty that people overlook the crowd, lack of décor and dishes just to enjoy a good meal.

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