Big Daddy's Rock & Roll Emporium

446 Davis Dr, Newmarket
About Big Daddy's:

In the category of traditional American/Canadian bars in Newmarket, Big Daddy’s has achieved its name recognition and is frequented both by locals and guest visitors. The bar cares deeply for sharing the values of pub culture and caters for the tastes and preferences of its customers. Having lunch or dinner in this bar is a rare treat. What you know for sure when you come to dine here is that you will be offered a mix of quality food, good service, and a reasonable value. That is the simple philosophy that Big Daddy’s sticks to, and as time shows – it works!

Bid Daddy’s does not have a uniform selection of like-minded reviews. People’s assessment is very diverse – just as their tastes and expectations are. The bar does not leave any of its visitors cold, though some guests praise the venue lavishly, and others criticise it bitterly. Let’s see what motivation they have to do so.

Big Daddy’s is a good place to pop in and have a snack and a beer while watching your favourite soccer match. You may suspect that it is more focused on adult male visitors, but its audience is diverse and of different ages. The bar positions itself as a “Family Restaurant and Bar”. The place is rather quiet; the interior is lovely, but not smart or extravagant. Its décor resembles an old school pub, but it gives you that weird sensation of belonging to a community with rich and long-living traditions. 

The staff are friendly and attentive. The waitresses can recommend the most suitable dishes. Every day the bar offers three specials to choose from. These dishes are priced at the best value. Larger families or companies can occupy a separate section to enjoy more privacy. 


  • Big Daddy’s offers great daily unique dishes, and the portions are enormous;
  • The prices on the menu are reasonable, so there is a big share of regular visitors; 
  • The food tastes like homemade – due to the supreme effort on the part of the chef;
  • The staff are very friendly and caring, including the busy days when the venue is packed.
  • In the evenings, visitors can enjoy live entertainment and music. 


  • Some visitors point to flavourless or tasteless products, like cheese or wings;
  • There are complaints about the food being served an hour after the order is made;
  • Occasional remarks concern the quality of the music bands invited and the service which could be better. 

The Big Daddy’s bar occupies a niche in Newmarket. It is a simple and unpretentious place to dine at or spend an evening listening to local bands. The majority of visitors are satisfied with the quality of the venue and would come back if they had a chance. Beyond doubt, Big Daddy’s will make every effort to help you enjoy your meal and time. 

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