Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings (Newmarket)

207 Eagle St., Newmarket
About Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings:

Serving American and Canadian inspired barbeque dishes and offering lunch and dinner service, the Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings is a restaurant located on 207 Eagle Street in Newmarket, Ontario.

Currently ranked the number one restaurant in Newmarket, according to TripAdvisor, the Big Bone BBQ is a place where people go to have a hearty meal over a casual, friendly atmosphere. There is a private parking lot that is very convenient, the restaurant is welcoming to kids and caters to large crowds, and there is a selection between beer and wine to go with your selected dish.

This place caters to the lunch and dinner crowds, opening for business at 11 AM and closing at 9 PM from Monday to Saturday, and opening at noon and closing at 9 PM on Sundays. So anytime you are craving some Southern BBQ, you can hop over to Big Bone BBQ and have your fill, as they don’t take reservations. Their only requirement is to be given notice in advance for any large crowds coming in so they can appropriately accommodate everyone.

The websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook and Google Reviews hold a lot of reviews from satisfied customers, and here I’ll share a list of pros and cons I’ve created based on these reviews:


  • Amazing dishes and good sized portions
  • The place to go for ribs and wings in Newmarket
  • Friendly, accommodating staff
  • Southern dishes like cornbread and the like
  • Family-owned establishment


  • Not a vegan-friendly place
  • Complaints about the cramped restaurant

The Big Bone BBQ and Wicked Wings has been in business in Newmarket for about 20 years, or since 2009. In that time, this barbeque joint has become a fan-favourite and attracted a very regular crowd. The interior is nothing special, with slightly outdated details and very few decorations. This is not a bad thing, as the people come to this place for the food, so the simple interior with red tables, wooden chairs, and food served in large red baskets on parchment paper is quite enough.

The dishes are a meat lover’s dream. There are offers for slow smoked ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken wings, and beef brisket, served along with black beans, coleslaw, cornbread, fries, onion rings, as well as a variety of salads, nachos, sandwiches, and kid-sized portions.

This family-owned establishment has restaurants on several locations across Canada: Newmarket, Woodbridge, Maple, Barrie, Milton, Markham, Keswick, and Ottawa. They have entered and won over 50 awards on Rib-fest and similar competitions, which only proves the quality of their dishes.

They prepare the meat and wings by rubbing and marinating them in a secret blend of spices and smoking them in-house for over four hours, so the result is a perfectly smoked tender meat each time. A final note: when you go to Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings, bring your appetite and be prepared to be amazed by the many fantastic dish options.

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