The Stone Grille Restaurant & Bar

7975 Yonge St., Units 3 & 4 , Innisfil
About The Stone Grille:

The Stone Grille Restaurant & Bar is at 7975 Yonge St. in the Rexall plaza just north the 10th Ln. in Stroud, Innisfil.  A labour of love for Innisfil resident and current owner Mark Lovell, the premises had its grand opening in November 2013.

Located in the village of Stroud in Innisfil, just south of the city of Barrie in Ontario, the Stone Grille Restaurant can be found on Yonge Street, set off the main road in Stroud Plaza. The interior has been described as impressive and unique, with the Stone Grille’s two large inner rooms – one for formal dining, the other a full-service bar dubbed ‘The Garage’ – packed with ‘eye-catching’ pieces collected by Lovell, who loves finding theatre memorabilia and other interesting items. Online reviews from Yelp and TripAdvisor list some of the pros and cons:


  • Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options
  • Large space, seating for 100+ so can handle lots of people
  • Eat in, take away or home delivery options available
  • Seasonal outdoor patio
  • Child-friendly
  • Multiple themed nights (e.g. Wednesday is pizza night)


  • Décor is a little cluttered

Online reviews for the premises swing wildly from positive to negative, with little in between. The positive reviews compliment the owners and staff for their service, and state ‘the food was delicious!’ and that it was ‘Not my first time there and definitely not my last’. 

Food-wise the Stone Grille offers what has been described as ‘familiar roadhouse fare’, and its menu is extensive, with a raft of appetizers, mains, sandwiches and wraps, salads and soups, as well as catering specifically for children (under the age of 12) and vegans, vegetarians and people with gluten allergies. A dozen appetizer choices include favourites such as nachos, potato skins and garlic bread, while the entrees (mains) consist of dishes such as various burgers, steak sandwiches, chicken parmesan and loin steak. For a sandwich or wrap, patrons can choose from a BLT, a club or chicken quesadilla, amongst others, while a handful of soups and salads are available. Wings feature prominently, with their own menu featuring almost two dozen flavours, as do pizzas with classics such as Hawaiian or pepperoni along with a ‘create your own’ option. Prices are reasonable across the board, for example, a family-sized meat lovers’ pizza is $19.99 while a large nacho platter to share is $14.99.

Each day at the Stone Grille is themed, for example, Tuesdays is taco and nacho day with reduced prices, while Thursday is ‘Wing Day’ where you can enjoy unlimited chicken wings for 59 cents each. Alongside the all-day breakfasts that appear on the main menu, the restaurant also offers weekend breakfasts on a Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to noon. Live music is often played there on weekends, and the restaurant also offers take out, home delivery, room rental for up to 300 people, and will also arrange taxis for patrons at the end of the night.

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