Donut Monster Hamilton

246 Locke St S, Hamilton
About Donut Monster:

Did you know you can have fresh donuts, made in small batches, from scratch right in the heart of Hamilton? Yes, located on 246 Locke Street South, in Hamilton, Ontario, there is a place that offers all kinds of donuts that you can have for breakfast and even lunch, and is appropriately called Donut Monster.

There is some street-side parking, for the people that decide to eat their donuts in-house. The place is not wheelchair accessible, and there is no alcohol served here. Instead, the menu is filled with all kinds of donuts, milkshakes, and excellent coffee. The Locke Street location is not the only one, and Donut Monster has two other locations, one in Toronto and another one in Hamilton, a pop-up shop at 4 Cannon St. E. 

Donut Monster is opened seven days a week, from Sunday to Wednesday from 7 AM to 6 PM, and from Thursday to Saturday from 7 AM to 8 PM, or until most of the items are sold out. This eatery has been reviewed online on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Reviews, and from these, I’ve made the following list of pros and cons.


  • Great donuts
  • Excellent coffee
  • Pleasant, relaxing atmosphere
  • Many traditional and vegan options
  • Tasty milkshakes in plenty of options


  • Notes on “heavy” taste of donuts
  • Some people had notes about the price

Donut Monster has opened the Locke Street location in 2018. The whole Locke Street has a sort of a trendy vibe, and this place does not disappoint. Instead, the Donut Monster is decorated in a trendy manner, with lots of exposed brick walls, subway tiled walls, and bright orange and white ceiling. There are simple hanging light fixtures and big windows that let in plenty of natural light.

Instead of classical seating, there is bench seating and high chairs and tables where people can enjoy their donuts, coffee, and milkshakes. Right next to the entrance there is a metal shelf with packages of flour, sugar and other confections used to make the donuts. The donut display shelves are glass, gleaming metal, and concrete. The staff is very friendly, and they package the donuts to go in beautiful eco-friendly cardboard boxes.

The menu is, as I said above, simple: donuts, coffee, and milkshakes. The donuts are made from yeast-risen dough that is soft and light. The glaze flavours are different, and most are seasonally changing, and patrons get to enjoy flavours they did not expect ranging from classic apple fritter, dulce de leche, double coconut, strawberry balsamic, grape and ginger, cinnamon vanilla latte and even lemon with poppy seed filling.

The coffees served here are either espresso-based or drip-based, along with a wide selection of teas. Not to forget the milkshakes, there are traditional and vegan milkshakes, also ranging from traditional vanilla or chocolate to many seasonal flavours made with Hewitt’s Dairy or Rudy’s vegan ice cream. Also, you can have donuts at your next event, as they do catering and you can serve donuts on your birthday or wedding.

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