Artword Artbar

15 Colbourne St, Hamilton
About Artword Artbar:

Located on 15 Colbourne Street in Hamilton, Ontario, Artword Artbar is a nice little place that has live music, occasional theatre performances and drinks. It is an unusual place that serves both as a café-bar, an art gallery, and entertainment venue. Along with the music and theatre fun, the bar offers a proper selection of drinks and light meals.

There is street side parking and two municipal lots nearby, and it is strongly recommended that people don’t park on the parking lot across the street from the bar. There is free Wi-Fi in terms of other amenities. The place is on the second floor of the building and is not wheelchair accessible.

The place works three nights a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday opening at 6 PM and closing at 11 PM. The place is famous for supporting creative people like jazz and bluegrass musicians, folk musicians, poets, and theatre performers.

It has been reviewed on Google Reviews and other online sites and I’ve used these to create a list of the main pros and cons of the Artword Artbar.


  • Great space for live music
  • Excellent support for local artists
  • Pleasant owners/hosts
  • A cosy, intimate atmosphere
  • Good place for a first date


  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Poor air conditioning

The Artword Artbar is the joint effort of Judith Sandiford and Ronald Weihs, who after running their own theatre facility in Toronto, have moved to Hamilton in 2006 and started the Artword Artbar. The place is located on the main floor of a commercial building. The entrance leads through a set of stairs up to the main floor which is simply decorated. There are white walls with white tile ceilings and subdued lighting on the corners of the bar, offering an intimate feel.

Most of the walls act as exhibition space for art from local artists, which is how the owners show their support of the community. There is a nice bar with a small kitchen on the side. The place has a total of 60 seats both in café tables and barstools. The stage is raised, so everyone can have a clear view of the performers, and there is a good PA system in place along with a Young Chang piano and a projector.

This place serves a light menu of predominantly finger foods like nachos. They have full alcohol serving certification and serve excellent drinks like cocktails, wine, bottled beer and micro-brewery beer on tap. People can also get coffee, espresso, or tea.

The place is an excellent performing art support centre, with a lot of events supporting all kinds of musicians and theatre performances. There is a Facebook page where people can see the upcoming events and plan their visit accordingly. A good place to take your date to if you are into experiencing something different aside from the standard sports bar, the Artword Artbar will definitely provide great entertainment for the night.

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