354 Main St W, Hamilton
About Alirang:

Located on 354 Main Street West, in Hamilton, Ontario, there is a Korea restaurant named Alirang. This place serves an abundance of Korean, as well as other Asian-inspired cuisines for lunch and dinner.

The location of the restaurant is such that there is only some street-side parking available, but not much, and a small parking lot at the back of the restaurant. The restaurant takes reservations, has free Wi-Fi and TV, but unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible and does not do deliveries. The tables are arranged family-style, and the restaurant is welcoming to groups and people with children.

The menu is interesting, with plenty of various items for both lunch and dinner. Working hours are between noon and 10 PM from Tuesday to Saturday, and 2 PM to 10 PM on Sunday, while the restaurant is closed on Monday.

From the reviews I found online on Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google Reviews, I was able to create the following list of pros and cons about this restaurant.


  • Varied menu
  • Pleasant interior
  • Vegetarian and vegan options
  • Great kimchi, tempura shrimp and gamjatang
  • Good sized portions


  • No alcohol served here
  • Notes on slow service

The Alirang was opened a while back as a family-owned and family-run place. The interior is nice and offers a pleasant dining experience. The walls are painted soft peach color with red accent patterns on the corners and there are Korean-inspired decorations and paintings on the walls. There is plenty of greenery in the restaurant in the form of potted plants and even plastic decorative “plants”.

The tables and chairs are simple and arranged in a family-style setup, meaning that there is little privacy between patrons. One side of the place has a long seating bench and the glass wall at the front has booths divided with privacy screens. The food is served on an interesting combination of tableware, like stone, porcelain and metal dishes and people can either eat their food with the beautiful flatware or chopsticks.

The menu served here is quite interesting, but, as many patrons noted, there is nothing spectacular, just plenty of home-cooked Korean food. The appetizer section offers items like pazeon (Korean pancake with shrimp and vegetables) shrimp tempura, mandoo, spring rolls, topokki, and more. There is a soup offer with soft tofu soup, yukgaejang, Naejangtang and more. The main dishes include jajangbop, chicken katsu, galbi, bulgogi, bibimbop with various toppings, gamja hotpots and more.

The Korean cuisine is famous for its noodles and the Alirang restaurant does not disappoint in this matter. There are chicken yaki udon, tofu yaki udon, seafood yaki udon, kimchi udon, tempura udon, jampong naengnyun and plenty more. There is a section with table barbeque offers like spicy pork, spicy duck, and pork belly, among others, served with rice, vegetables, and dipping sauce. 

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