Prime Seven Nine

79 Hurontario St, Collingwood
About Prime Seven Nine:

Prime Seven Nine is one of the finest restaurants in Collingwood, the artistry Décor provided would not only keep you staring at its beauty for a good deal of time but would make you get that tiny but intriguing feeling of what the luxurious life taste and looks like. Lots of Steakhouse, Canadian and American cuisines are offered at the restaurant. Prime Seven Nine restaurants provide residents of Collingwood the opportunity of grabbing the three recommended meals of the day from its tables.

A lot of delicacies are offered at the restaurant but most reviews from Yelp and trip adviser made it known that the restaurants most preferred cuisine is steaks. The calm and relaxed environment attached to dining at the restaurant would certainly require an alcoholic drink which can be found in the bar offered. A lot of delicacies such as Chicken Lettuce wrap, Prime truffle fries, Tuna Tataki, huge varieties of salads, Noodles etc. can be found on the restaurant’s menu.

The beautiful decor provided made the Prime Seven Nine restaurant the perfect spot to go on a date with that special one. Meetings and lots of other group gatherings can be done in the VIP section of the restaurant. The classic dining cuisines offered at the restaurants has drawn a lot of positive reviews its way. Booking reservations online before gracing the restaurants' tables is possible. Different type of chairs is available for visitors dining at the restaurant ensuring that you are comfortable at all times. 


  • Great for kids
  • Accepts debit and credit cards
  • Remarkable customer service


  • No outdoor seating 

Prime Seven Nine restaurants building did not always provide mouth-watering aromas, the highly decorated building once served as a bank to residents of Collingwood. With the continuous growth that the city experiences on a daily basis, the once favoured Collingwood bank building started offering the citizens numerous quality steaks and coffee for breakfast. Prime Seven Nine still makes use of a lot of amenities that was once used by the bank with the sole intention of providing a dining experience like no other. 

If you are on a business trip or holiday and happen to lodge in Mariner Motor Hotel or Comfort Inn & Suites do not miss out on the services rendered by the Prime Seven Nine restaurant which is close by. Some other attractions that might drag you to the luxurious dining table offered by the restaurant are Collingwood Museum, Tremont Studios and Theatre Collingwood all less than 20 miles away.

The restaurants open at 9:00 am till 10:00 pm on Mondays, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can grace its tables from 11:30 am till 10:00 pm while on Thursdays and Fridays the restaurant is open till 11:00 pm. The restaurant opens at 11:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays while it closes at 11:00 pm on Saturdays and 10:00 pm on Sundays. There's a Sunday Brunch from 11 am till 4 pm.

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