Duncan's Cafe

60 Hurontario St., Collingwood
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About Duncan's Cafe:

A small café serving coffee, breakfast, and lunch, Duncan’s Café can be found at 60 Hurontario Street, Collingwood, Ontario. This place has a friendly atmosphere where you can start your day with a good meal and good coffee.

There is street-side parking in front of the café for both cars and bikes, there is free WiFi, but it has no TV. The place takes reservations and packs takeaway meals, but it doesn’t do deliveries. It is large enough to accommodate larger groups of people, and it is friendly enough to serve children.

The place serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch, and it has a full bar. They cater to different events which can be arranged via their webpage. It is opened every day at 9 AM and closing time is at 4 PM on Sunday thru Thursday, and on 5 PM on Friday and Saturday.

Duncan’s Café has been reviewed online on Google Reviews, Yelp, Facebook, and Trip Advisor, and based on these I was able to create a list of the pros and cons of this place.


  • Great breakfast choices
  • Good lunch menu
  • Coffee, tea, alcohol
  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • Good-sized portions


  • Some complaints about particular servers
  • Some people have notes about some prices

Duncan’s Café operates in Collingwood since 2007, in an artistic space and with a friendly atmosphere. The interior of the place is nicely done, with white and yellow walls, walled off partitions, black and white chairs and black tables, attractive “designer” seating booths and lots of modern artwork along the walls. The ceilings have exposed ductwork and hanging light fixtures. During the warm weather, there is nice outdoor seating with charming wrought iron chairs and tables and a wrought iron fence around the patio area.

The menu is divided in a breakfast and lunch menu, with breakfast being served from 9 to 11:30 AM and anyone requesting an item from it will need to pay a fee of $2. The menu offers many diner breakfast options – classic breakfast dishes, speciality breakfast dishes, omelettes, breakfast sandwiches, French toast and a large selection of sides. There are many drink options like freshly squeezed orange juice, latte, coffee, and different types of teas.

The lunch menu offers starter dishes like veggie rolls, Thai pork rolls, bruschetta, classic and speciality salads, soups, pasta dishes, homemade burgers, Mexican dishes like Quesadilla and burrito, pub food like liver and onions, club sandwiches, wraps, and hot sandwiches. For lunch, you can even create your own deli sandwich with different ingredients per your choice along with roasted potato poutine.

You can certainly have a drink with lunch, and select some of their wines, beers on tap or tallboy and even have a cocktail after lunch over one of their desserts like homemade cookies and butter tarts. To ensure you have a table for you and your friends, be sure to make a reservation as it gets crowded pretty fast.

Catering is available seven days a week, in or out of the house. 

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