Magnums Pub Bar and Eatery

21 McMurchy Ave N, Brampton
About Magnums Pub :

Magnums Pub is a one-stop-shop in Brampton if you want to enjoy Canadian food and sports all at once. This restaurant hosts some of the most exciting sports evenings, with people beaming to get in. That said, latecomers get to settle in the corner seats. This pretty much explains the craze people have for this excellent joint.

Being the best sports bar in Brampton, Canada Magnums Pub always puts up the best combo. They have spoiled people with choices and an experience like no other place.  With an outdoor sitting facility and equally tempting food, you might be missing out if you have not already visited the place.

According to the user reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp, the beer, ribs, wine, and wings are some of the must-try options at this sports bar. Also, the cordial staff and exquisite food that combines to provide the visitors with a unique experience. Competing with global food giants, this Canadian restaurant has changed the paradigms by providing people with quality food, incomparable experience all at an affordable price.


  • Perhaps the sweetest staff in the country
  • Hosts the best sports evening
  • Allows people to sit and enjoy their food, even when it is crowded
  • Ribs and wings are perhaps the highlights of this restaurant


  • No admission, if you are late
  • The place gets crowded very quickly and quite early
  • The staff can be seen running from one table to another sometimes mixing up two different orders
  • No free refill even on the most expensive items 

As rated by a visitor on TripAdvisor, Magnums Pub is the best place to spend your evening, if you are looking forward to madness. This place lights up like a college campus on match days and coaxes you to get moving. Magnums Pub has magnificent energy that turns everyone into a party hopper. You cannot sit there and control yourself from grooving with everyone else. 

As rated on TripAdvisor by a traveller, Magnums Pub charges for refills, which adds up to the bill by leaps and bounds. While people love the barbeque, ribs, and wings at this place, they are scared of visiting it owing to the security hazards, given staff was found smoking irresponsibly. 

In Brampton, which perhaps is one of the youngest cities in the country, Magnums Pub provides people with a refuge to experience parties like never before. Come here on a matchday, and you will forget what you are and enjoy like a mad fanatic club fan. The restaurant ensures proper staffing, catering to the varied needs of a visitor and making the experience worthy. 

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