The Govnor’s Pub

10 Bramhurst Ave, Brampton
About The Govnor’s Pub:

Located on no. 10 Bramhurst Avenue in Brampton, Ontario, the Govnor’s Pub is a classic British Pub and offers a fun experience. The Govnor’s Pub is on the corner of a building on the corner between the Bramhurst Avenue and Bramwin Court, and its peculiar location can be somewhat confusing for first-time visitors, as this is the more industrial, working-class section of Brampton.

The pub has a predominantly British feel to it, but not as strong as one might think. The pub serves lunch, dinner, drinks and late night entertainment. The menu is not as varied but still holds enough items to make it appealing. There are many pub-inspired dishes like nachos, fries and chilli chips, as well as the inevitable wings, burgers and fish & chips.

The pub opens at 11 AM every day and closes at 11 PM, except for Sunday when it opens at 11 AM and closes at 6 PM. The prices are very affordable, and the size of the dishes is quite acceptable for most visitors. The pub serves a selection of domestic and imported beers by the bottle and several draft selections, as well as a selection of liquors, white and red wines, coolers, and the inevitable non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea.

The Govnor’s Pub has been the topic of review by many visitors, and they have shared their experiences online on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Reviews. Based on these I’ve created the following list of pros and cons.


  • Very affordable prices
  • Nice selection of pub food and British dishes
  • Great drink options
  • Pool table
  • Professional, friendly staff


  • A somewhat obscure location
  • No desserts

The Govnor’s Pub is a nice little place opened in 2009. It is intended for the working class people to come for a cold one after work. It has a limited number of seats, only 24 and seats by the bar. The interior is simple, classic British, with various sports team flags displayed over the walls. There are a few TV sets that display sports events.

The pub is family-owned and run pub, and the owners are always present to greet the customers. The menu is varied, with a vast selection of appetizers (the classic pub nibs), a large selection of burgers and sandwiches, a variety of curry dishes, and some traditional British dishes like fish & chips, English breakfast, Pub pie & chips, and the late night menu of wings, fish, chicken fingers, and Pub pie, all served with chips or deep fried pickles.

Even though the Govnor’s Pub is a small establishment, it has been voted as one of the top five pubs in Brampton and holds a special appreciation and a loyal customer body. The food served is prepared with care and love, and served in a classic pub style, on nice porcelain plates with the inevitable red and white or black and white checkered napkins.

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