The Frigate & Firkin

378 Queen St E, Brampton
About The Frigate & Firkin:

As a Canadian and British pub & bar, The Frigate & Firkin offers everything you would expect from this type of restaurant and more. There’s something for everyone’s taste on the menu, including starters, nibbles, brunches, flatbreads, sandwiches, salads, meats and a special menu with all the pub’s favourite foods.

To make everything affordable for everyone, food specials and food-drink combinations are discounted throughout the day, week or month at different periods of the day. You can order a juicy butcher’s cut selection, taste some of the street food specialities, get a delicious steak and pair all of that with your favourite beer, wine, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. Everything is either offered at a discounted price or donated towards the multiple charities The Frigate & Firkin partners with.

Frigate & Firkin keeps the standard British pub look to bring a feeling of familiarity for visitors, with bar seating, couches and table seating available. It’s large enough for parties to be organised here, but accommodating large groups could be an issue because of the layout of the furniture, so it’s best to contact them before scheduling anything.

The atmosphere is always elevating, lively and cheery, regardless of what day of the week you’re visiting, something typical of British pubs. As a public Manchester United fan, The Frigate & Firkin is one of the most heated placed to go on game days, so if you’re an MU fan, there’s no better place to be at than The Frigate & Firkin.

One of the downsides many mention on review websites are the struggles with finding parking due to the downtown location, and problems with finding a place to sit because the bar is often packed with people waiting to be sat.


  • Full bar service
  • Great service and friendly staff
  • Exciting atmosphere
  • Has three pool tables and two dart boards
  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Problems with finding parking
  • Mostly crowded

This fusion of a British and a Canadian bar has hit all marks with locals, and it shows through the crowd every day. Over the 20 years that it has been working, delicious food, friendly staff, and lively atmosphere have created many loyal customers and continue to do so every day.

The menu was created to offer all the standard comfort food anyone would expect to find in a pub, but to elevate its taste and make it memorable so that everyone who tastes it comes back for more.

However, the main goal of The Frigate & Firkin is to give back to its community and improve the lives of the people living in it. That’s why over the years they’ve been around; they’ve worked with multiple charities to donate over 4 million dollars for those in need! Alongside the loyal customers and their partners, The Frigate & Firkin Pubs has helped create a better future for many, from kids fighting severe illnesses to families fighting poverty.

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