Dum Dums Sports Bar and Grill

67 George St S, Brampton
About Dum Dums Sports Bar :

Being a one-stop shop for beer and sports in Brampton, Dum Dum’s Sports Bar has set the bars high for the contemporaries to match. By providing customers with access to the best of food, beer, and environment, this sports bar has changed the paradigms. 

The exquisite interior, cordial staff and great food combine to entertain you like no other place. You can come here with all your worries and go back home with good food in your belly and a smile on your face.

Locals and travellers have highly rated Dum Dum's Sports Bar because this tiny little place tries to give their best at all times. The beer, the ribs, and slices of bacon are just too delicious to ignore. The owner Jim is also quite popular because of his warm hospitality.


  • A cosy place to spend with your friends and family
  • Offers some of the most affordable beer and ribs
  • Designed to relax and entertain you
  • The cordial staff and the fast delivery make the experience worthwhile
  • Burger, wings, and nachos are some of the highlights of this place


  • The place is too small to accommodate a large number of people
  • It is always bustling with people coming in and going out
  • The self-service makes it difficult for guests to settle down and enjoy their food
  • The place is old and requires fixing especially washroom 

Visitors on TripAdvisor have rated Dum Dum’s Sports Bar quite highly and have appreciated the owners Jim and Adria’s involvement with the guest. With visitors thanking the owners in their TripAdvisor reviews, Dum Dum’s Sports Bar catches eyeballs and appears to be friendly for people of all age.

On Yelp, visitors have praised Dum Dum’s Sports Bar for the freshly brewed beer they serve, which improves the overall experience of dining. While the food and beer are all great, the place lacks enought staff. With only one or two staff catering to innumerable guests, sometimes it gets messy, and the order arrives late. A lot of visitors have complained about this in their reviews on Yelp.

One of the visitors on the Yelp also said that the washroom at Dum Dum’s Sports Bar requires improvement. The overall experience of dining and enjoying a match is overwhelming, but there are areas where Dum Dum’s Sports Bar can improve and make it worthwhile for everyone. 

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