Crown and Lion English Pub

7985 Financial Dr, Brampton
About Crown and Lion English Pub:

Crown and Lion English Pub is a British, Canadian bar located in Brampton that offers everything from light snacks to sumptuous dinners. With an exquisite outlet, this bar attracts the best crowd every night. Known for the great variety, the pub also features cosy interior seating arrangements.

Crown and Lion English Pub is the best English pub in GTA because it offers you both, a slow evening as well as a sports night where everyone is drunk and passionate. Beer and some of the best barbeques combine to provide you with a memorable experience. 


  • Well-behaved staff
  • A pool of options related to beer and wine
  • Mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, light snacks as well as dinner
  • A warm environment with finger licking good food
  • Fairly priced, quite affordable


  • Fills up fast on weekends
  • Offers a limited set of flavours, tries to stick with what is popular

Varied travellers have rated Crown and Lion English Pub highly on TripAdvisor simply because of the warm environment that it offers to relax. You can come here with your family and spend a lovely evening eating and talking your heart out. While a lot of people find that the best place is losing its authenticity, a few travellers on Yelp have rated Crown and Lion English Pub to be indeed the best English Pub out there.

Crown and Lion English Pub is in for a lot of good reviews and a few critical ones, but one thing that is commonly praised by everyone in the environment and experience. The staff at Crown and Lion English Pub is very welcoming and always eager to serve you better. 

Located at a strategic point, Crown and Lion English Pub grabs more eyeballs than contemporaries can imagine and cater to. The restaurant is continually improving, innovating and acquiring new people to provide their visitors with a fresh experience every time. The bacon and beer offered at this place are just too good to ignore. 

Crown and Lion English Pub has carved a niche for itself over all these years, and now it is striving even harder to keep up with the name. Introduction of new offers, the announcement of new events and continuous improvements are helping Crown, and Lion English Pub remain at the top and cater to everyone with smiling faces. 

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