Sakana House (North Barrie)

347 Cundles Rd E M1, Barrie
About Sakana House:

The epitome of Japanese culture, the Sakana House is a restaurant serving traditional Japanese dishes that are based primarily, but not limited to fish and has an all-you-can-eat policy. It is located inon 347 Cundles Rd. East, in Barrie, Ontario.

There is private parking near the restaurant for both cars and bikes. The Sakana House is a place where you can enjoy a meal with your friends or go with your family for a celebration or another event. There are free Wi-Fi and a TV in the restaurant, but there is no outdoor seating nor is it wheelchair accessible. The ambience is traditional-meets-trendy, with average noise levels, which are understandable as this place serves wine and beer only.

The Sakana House prepares appetisers, like fish, shrimp or squid tempura, vegetable tempura, chicken, beef or pork teriyaki and edamame. Customers can enjoy a wide range of vegetarian dishes, rolls with different fillings, wok dishes, sushi, sashimi, soups, salads, noodles, rice dishes, dim sum, teriyaki, and sushi pizzas. For large crowds, there is a selection of party trays and family dinners for two, four and six people. Many people have notes about the sauces, as they could do some more work.

For anyone interested, the Sakana House takes online orders through their website, and they get free delivery in a 5km radius for orders over $25.

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