Pho Mekong

555 Essa Rd., Barrie
About Pho Mekong:

Pho Mekong is a popular Asian restaurant located at the Smart Centre at 555 Essa Road, in south Barrie, that serves Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant is small, but the interior and decor is intimidating, quite, and eye-catching, that makes it a good option for couples and dates. 

Mostly known for their hot bowl of Pho, you can choose from an impressive selection of Thai and Vietnamese food options. The menu is simple but yet accommodating. You can also find plenty of vegetable options for vegetarians. The restaurant remains open for both lunch and dinner, six days a week, with only Sunday off.   

Based on the reviews, their most popular menu items are a shrimp stir fry, pho, spring rolls, soup, mango shake, fried rice, chicken vermicelli, chicken congee, pad Thai, and bun bi hue. The staff is also helpful and explains the menu if you are new to Thai or Asian food. In addition, you can also try out rice combos for two, three, or four people.      

Even though they don't serve alcohol or beer, you have plenty of other options available for beverages like black coffee, coffee with coconut milk, iced lemonade, pop cans, ice tea, and milkshakes.   


  • You can order small, large, and extra large meals, that allows you to order according to your appetite and budget.
  • Most people praised their portion sizes and rated them generously. 
  • The prices are rated as affordable or cheap by most of the customers.
  • Kids friendly


  • Small restaurant, so seating space is limited.
  • You may find it noisy during rush hours.
  • They do not serve alcohol or beer.     
  • Delivery is not available, but you can opt for take-out if dine-in is not an option.

Founded just five years ago, in 2013, Pho Mekong quickly becomes a popular option, mostly because of their unique taste, exclusive selection of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, and affordable prices. Even though the founders sold the restaurant to new owners back in 2016, the quality of service and food remains consistent.

Ranked among the top 26 restaurants out of 367 restaurants in Barrie by TripAdvisor, the overall feedback about the restaurant on TripAdvisor is more than satisfactory. As Pho Mekon won the Certificate of Excellence from 2015 to 2018 for the last four consecutive years, this also indicates their popularity.  

All in all, for those who want to taste something unique and off the popular chain options, Pho Mekong makes a good option, especially if you are into Asian food. As they only serve Asian food, you can find plenty of seating space no matter the time of your visit. 

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