The North Restaurant

49 Mary St. Barrie
About The North Restaurant:

The North Restaurant in Downtown Barrie, located on 49 Mary Street is a place where you can find a very varied menu. It offers a nice atmosphere for fine dining where one can enjoy a late lunch or a fine dinner and even stay up late and enjoy a drink or two.

This restaurant offers continental, seafood, steak, tapas & small plate dishes, cajun/creole dishes, vegetarian dishes, gluten-free options and a wide selection of desserts. To attract a wider crowd, the North Restaurant provides events catering, corporate/office catering, providing personal chef services and deliveries.

It is owned and run by award-winning Chef Marco Ormonde and his family. His passion and creative outlook towards food can be seen in the tasty food he prepares and in the beautiful way he arranges the dishes. The North Restaurant is open every day from 4 PM, and closes on 9 PM on Sunday and Monday, at 10 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday and at 11 PM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The restaurant offers monthly special events, like their BFF Date Night, held on the last Thursday of the month, which includes dinner and a movie, in cooperation with the Uptown Theatre, only a couple of steps away.

The many satisfied customers have said some very positive things in online reviews about the restaurant, and they have had some complaints.


  • Beautifully arranged, delicious food
  • Friendly, relaxed, casual atmosphere
  • Professional staff
  • Group events catered to perfection
  • Al-fresco dining in a laid-back atmosphere


  • High prices on some dishes
  • Complaints on poor service

The North Restaurant has been in business for almost 12 years now. It offers a nicely thought of menu that includes a wide selection of small and large dishes. The small dishes are “sort of” appetizers and reflect the inventiveness and Mediterranean roots of the Ormonde family that owns the restaurant. The large plate dishes also feature the chef’s creativity and flair.

The restaurant itself is situated in a house-like building, with dining areas that are interestingly thought of, with secluded, more private areas and a larger, more open dining area. The tables feature white linen cloths, topped off with white glass panels that create a more fine dining atmosphere. The food is served in white porcelain dishes, only adding to the presentation of the food.

During the warm months, The North Restaurant has a nice outdoor seating area, providing a more relaxed eating experience. You can dress casually and enjoy a relaxed, fine meal, and feel extra classy, but be sure to make a reservation beforehand. And ask for the chef’s tasting menu and your palate will be in for a nice surprise.

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