Lazy Tulip Cafe

29 Maple Ave, Barrie
About Lazy Tulip Cafe:

Sorry, This Lazy Tulip Cafe Location Has Been Reported Closed.

The Lazy Tulip Café is a breakfast and Lunch café located in downtown Barrie. Owned by Michelle Huggins and Matthew Jones, the Lazy Tulip Café is a quaint and independently owned café that serves a wide array of dishes for breakfast and lunch.

A peculiarity of the Lazy Tulip Café is that all items used in the menu are locally sourced. Whether it is the meat used in the sandwich or the egg in the baked goods, everything is sourced from the nearby farms. Moreover, all items are made in-house including the sandwich bread, sauces, baked French toast, and soups.  

Lazy Tulip Café has many names to its credit that makes it a favorite with the local people. It is an organic, fair trade café that offers vegan-friendly and gluten-free food.


  • The café is conveniently located.
  • Everything they serve is locally made. So, it is environment-friendly.
  • They have a wide selection of food items for breakfast and lunch.
  • Very friendly staff
  • Food items are not highly priced.
  • The right place to have brunch with kids


  • The entrance and waiting area are small and hence can be over-crowded and cramped up on weekends.
  • Food tastes average, nothing extraordinary.
  • The place does not score much on cleanliness.
  • No home delivery
  • Do not accept Apple pay for payment.
  • Not a good choice for large groups.
  • Do not serve alcohol.

Opened in February 2012, the Lazy Tulip Café is the brainchild of Michelle Huggins and Matthew Jones who wanted to open a restaurant that catered to all types of clientele. Clients can select from a wide range of dishes, both sweet and savory. They can also custom make dishes according to their taste and preference.

 After a few months of operating in a closed café, Michelle and Matthew could extend their café service outdoor by opening a new patio. Today, the Lazy Tulip has grown to such an extent that it even acquired the space of the shop next door.

The Lazy Tulip Café’s menu is revised almost every year to bring in new flavors and exquisite dishes to its clientele. The café now offers custom catering to meet the varied dietary requirements of its clients. In addition to serving gastronomical delights, the café also provides an opportunity for local artist to showcase their talents.

Located at 29 Maple Avenue near the bus station in downtown Barrie, the café is very easy to locate. It is open on all seven days of the week from 8:30 am – 4 pm.

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        Contact Info.:

        29 Maple Ave, Barrie

        Phone: (705) 252-0910


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