The Last Class (Georgian College)

1 Georgian Dr, Barrie
About The Last Class:

Located in Georgian College's J Building (Student Life Centre), The Last Class is a fully licensed restaurant and pub that thousands of students pass their time in every year.

It’s open every day from Monday to Friday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner offered at affordable prices, as well as drinks other alcoholic beverages. The menu items feature classic items like burgers, wraps, sandwiches, a few healthy salads, smoothies, and some international cuisine meals. If you’re up to share a few bites with someone, there are also shareable menu items, as well as tasty desserts. As a fully licensed bar, you can also order special craft beers, regular beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, Caesars, wine, ciders, and other alcohols at any time, as long as you’re over the age of 18.  

With the funny, cheeky events they host every night, The Last Class is the students’ go-to place for karaoke night, pyjama party, and sports game night. A variety of café-style seating options are available, including a large dining area, booth seating, and an outdoor patio, as well as multiple bars with a horseshoe main bar, so if you want to host any type of event, just give the manager a call.  

It’s open at a different time every day and different seasons, so to find out when exactly you can go there you will have to check their website or other websites that have this information.


  • Big portion sizes
  • Affordable prices
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free options
  • Pleasant student atmosphere
  • Offers takeout
  • Has parking
  • Indoor and outdoor seating available


  • Not suitable for families and children
  • Slow service
  • Inconsistent working hours

The Last Class is made by the students and for the students. All the staff, from bartenders to servers are students, so it’s easy to feel right at home the second you enter the location. You can grab some food, meet up with people, have a chat with your class, work, study or relax; everyone is welcomed. Since the main visitors are students, you won’t find expensive or upscale dining menu items that a regular student wouldn’t be able to afford.  

The primary goal and mission of The Last Class are to provide an exceptional experience by offering a safe, inclusive and caring environment where work and play come alive. Although it doesn’t have that luxurious interior or décor, it has countless memories of all the students that got to enjoy and hang out during their university years.  

The Last Class is a constant contributor to its society and community. Amongst the multiple events they organise, there are quite a few fundraisers that regularly gather thousands of dollars for charity organisations and help create a better future for everyone.

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