Diamond Sushi (Bryne Drive)

516 Bryne Dr, Barrie
About Diamond Sushi :

Diamond Sushi, an All-You-Can-Eat Japanese place, is located on 516 Bryne Drive, in Barrie, Ontario, in Unit A on a corner of a plaza. This is a simple eatery with exotic Japanese dishes, sushi, and other Asian-inspired dishes, as is vegetarian-friendly and offers a casual dining atmosphere.

The place has its parking lot for both cars and bikes. There is free Wi-Fi in the restaurant and is a friendly eatery where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with your friends or family. There is a casual ambience, with the average noise level that is usual for places like these. The bar serves beer and wine only, with no spirits. The Diamond Sushi restaurant caters to various events.

It is opened seven days a week, on Monday to Thursday from 11 AM to 10 PM, on Friday and Saturday from 11 AM to 10.30 PM, and on Sunday from 11.30 AM to 9.30 PM. The place serves lunch and dinner, and there is an extensive and varied menu to choose from.

Many patrons have reviewed the Diamond Sushi restaurant on Google Reviews, Yelp, and Trip Advisor, and I’ve used these to create a list of pros and cons about this place.


  • All-You-Can-Eat restaurant
  • Large party trays
  • Good sushi and tempura offers
  • Reasonably priced meals
  • Notes about excellent spicy crab rolls


  • Complaints about online orders
  • Some notes about service

The Diamond Sushi located on Bryne Drive is more of an eatery than a fancy restaurant. There are rows of tables and chairs, with little decorations on the cream-coloured walls, a ceiling of exposed ductwork and beams, and nice, soft light fixtures all around. The All-You-Can-Eat policy does not mean that there is a buffet, but the patrons get a tablet computer, and they order their preferred meals.

The menu is extensive and features traditional Japanese recipes with a lot of international and Canadian influences. There are appetisers like edamame, gyoza, beef maki, rolls, and more; rice dishes, fried rice, and noodle dishes, hand rolls, maki rolls, salads and soups, sashimi, sushi, sushi pizza, tempura, udon/ramen dishes, and special party tray offers and bento box lunches.

The place is simple, and the food is what makes is appealing to the patrons. There is a lot invested in food presentation, as is the Japanese tradition, with excellent examples of rolls and other meals arranged on beautiful white or black porcelain dishes. The party trays are not actually trays, but large bamboo boats filled with all kinds of Japanese delicacies like sushi, sashimi, and a variety of rolls.

People can enjoy a glass of wine or beer with their meal or a variety of soft drinks or water. There is a small dessert offer like several varieties of ice cream, tiramisu or cheesecake. The customers can order their food online and have it delivered to their preferred location. Overall, Diamond Sushi is a simple sushi eatery with great salmon hand rolls, among others.

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