125 Dunlop Street E., Barrie
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About Bohemia:

If you want to have the best food, along with a good conversation – Bohemia is the place to be! They are located at 125 Dunlop Street East in downtown Barrie.

Bohemia is an indie cafe in Canada that goes by its tagline “Sanctifying the Ordinary”, the ambience here will turn your dull evenings into an exquisite one. Bohemia is not your monotonous one-stop shop for drinks but rather a beautiful place to have fantastic food. 

Bohemia is a different place on the Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, what you witness on Saturday night is a complete madness while on Sundays you can sit on the terrace with a lake view and experience the real bonhomie. Come here for brunch or on a drink night, and you will never be disappointed. 

Reviews left by the people on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp list the following pros and cons:


  • Not only beer, but they also serve the best cappuccino
  • Top notch café that assists not only with quality coffee but quality mood as well
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Offers a lake view from the terrace
  • Friendly, attentive and helpful staff


  • No Wi-Fi
  • The limited staff which makes the service a bit slow
  • Small tables can only accommodate two people
  • Does not provide a suitable environment for people who love to work from cafes 
  • No outside food or even coffee allowed

According to online reviews on TripAdvisor, this place offers the best coffee in town. You can quickly get to this place and enjoy delicious muffins with a warm cup of coffee and feel at home. While a lot of people prefer coming here on Saturday evenings to relax with amazing views, there are admirers who flock to this amazing place for brunch on Sundays. 

Reviews on online sites like Yelp say that they provide with the most affordable brunch and the necessary comfort to make it memorable. People often refer to Bohemia as the most exquisite restaurant in the city; they like the ambience, the cordial staff, and the energy at this place. 

The menu reflects the versatility the restaurant boasts about, you can find sumptuous options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. While wine and drinks are available, coffee is something that most people come here for. 

All in all, Bohemia definitely not only serves you with great food but amazing service as well. 

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